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Hubert Wagner Memorial 2011 Highlights
added 08:10 07/09/2011 in Wagner Memorial, place 1310/5777
Several teams have already showed their amazing potential before the European Championship 2011 but also few national teams showed numerous shortcomings and their fans may be greatly anxious. One of such tournaments was organised in Katowice. It was a memorial dedicated to Hubert Wagner who was the most outstanding coach in Polish volleyball history, but it also was the last test before Euro 2011 for Poland, Russia, Italy and Czech Republic. Every of this team is going to fight for medal during the European Championship. In the last match of Memorial the Russians defeated Poland 3:0. Team of Anastasi were able to confront Russia only in the first set. In subsequent parts the Russians “shot” them with his powerful serve and Polish national team showed again that they are not in good form.
Date: 26-28.08.2011
Place: "Spodek", Katowice (POL)
Kind of tournament: Hubert Wagner's Memorial - IX Edition
Final Classification:
1. Italy
2. Russia
3. Czech Republic
4. Poland

Title of song: The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
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eRKa PL 1561 00:01 08/09/2011 0
great movie! awesome music!
what will u the most remember after this tournament?
for me it will be incredible battles between middle blockers and power of Russian's service.
titismon CL 38 20:31 07/09/2011 0
podrian hacer un torneo parecido en sudamerica con equipos como brasil estados unidoc cuba,puerto rico y argentina
_k-is-for-kate_ RU 450 18:12 07/09/2011 +2
you're welcome, guys)))

edit: ... i just don't understand why you're always feel shy to ask for little help...
i mean, it's not a big deal (at least for me) to translate a couple of words
i offered my help for thousand times already i guess, and the idea is not new..
so i really don't understand why anybody on volleyball-movies still have those problems with rutracker....

Last edited by _k-is-for-kate_ on 18:43 07/09/2011.

Kk15 IT 1509 17:14 07/09/2011 0
thanks! few months ago I learned to recognize the most important words but now I forgot everything xD
proud BG 1094 17:10 07/09/2011 0
That's very thoughtful of you,_k-is-for-kate_,thank you
_k-is-for-kate_ RU 450 16:58 07/09/2011 +1
@ Kk15 AND ANY OTHER WHO'S GOING TO rutracker.org

a long time ago i gave translations to main words related to volleyball to make your search on rutracker.org easier, but with time it got lost in discussions

so to help you,i placed translations in Russian Federation Fanclub, and you're absolutely free to use this topic for your search. here's the link:


hope it'll be helpful

cheers everybody
Kk15 IT 1509 16:20 07/09/2011 +1
Lordall, thanks *_*
I hope it (being user of this site) will come usufull to you other times!
btw zver give me these links:



and I couldn't find nothing on rutracker... but may it's because the language (actually the first time I checked I downloaded a match thinking it was Russia-Italy but it was Cina-Russia of the WGP xD)

little off topic: I hope I'll be able to record Italian matches (or better, the matches raisport will give, that will probably be Italian matches + semifinals and final) for the ECh, but the wonderful website I used to record WL matches is no longer available
Lordall RU 77 16:01 07/09/2011 0
Kk15 I only succeeded finding the match Poland-Russia from the tournament, and that was really hard, because I had to register on a completely polish site, and though I like you very much polish guys, I don,t understand anything After an hour or so I finally logged in, and could download the match. Perhaps you can find the other matches too, have a look:

saku PL 1181 15:47 07/09/2011 +1
too fast movie for this music, more about music, liek said Nagor it isn't cool to use just used music, actions are too fast so quality of materials is lower
tysia PL 992 15:22 07/09/2011 0
great movie
0:26 haha
fiore BG 150 14:54 07/09/2011 0
Yes, unfortunately you're right. Even though it was a friendly tournament without much significance I'm sure lots of fans would have wanted to watch at least some of these matches. Well,we have the statistics and that's something
proud BG 1094 14:39 07/09/2011 +1
Tournoi de France tournament wasn't broadcasted anywhere,that's why we couldn't watch the matches
fiore BG 150 12:57 07/09/2011 +1
Yeah, I too wanted to watch the matches from this friendly tournament but I can't find anything but the match Italy-Russia, provided by raylight. I even couldn't watch the matches in Tournoi de France where Bulgaria played with France, Slovenia and Turkey.
Kk15 IT 1509 12:48 07/09/2011 +1
very nice!

Anastasi punching the time-out alarm ahaha xD

but.. I know I'm getting annoying about that... there is any chance you can upload somwhere these matches? all I saw was just the three sets of Russia-Italy that raylight has already uploaded! thanks
Someone PL 921 12:29 07/09/2011 0
Interesting movie. Volkov back in shape

Wyróżniamy się Dzięki temu wygramy ME
zver PL 1017 12:01 07/09/2011 0
nasz nie lepsze -.- archaiczne , w szczególności te kołnierzyki, chyba tylko nasza repra je ma
Nagor PL 1892 11:40 07/09/2011 -1
Tak, ale już używana i to nie wiem czy tylko raz... osobiście tego nie lubię za bardzo.

Czechy jakie obrzydliwe stroje ;/
adi_tiger PL 209 09:54 07/09/2011 +3
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