Serbia - Brazil (short cut)02.12.2006
added 8 years ago by grysu06 18 6472
Polish All-Stars Game 2009/10 Highlights13.02.2010
All star game in Poland was different this year. Foreigner's team didn´t fight against Polish players. The formation of…
added 8 years ago by chrison 15 15488
Poland - Cuba (Highlights)19.11.2009
added 8 years ago by Nagor 31 9882
Polish All-Stars Game 2009/10 (Best moments)13.02.2010
A large dose of volleyball humor. Krzysztof Ignaczak showed that he can pipe very well (0:13). Rafael Redwitz ideal head…
added 8 years ago by chrison 28 27858
The Best Spike Competition (Polish All-Star Game 2009/10)13.02.2010
Pre-game spike contest, whose ball is gonna bounce off higher after hitting the floor. The contest is dominated and won …
added 8 years ago by chrison 32 37576
Michael Sánchez (2nd movie)12.02.2010
Player from Cuba in action! He was a member of the national squad that claimed the bronze medal at the 2007 Pan American…
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Rolando Cepeda Abreu09.02.2010
added 8 years ago by Nagor 33 8564
Ihosvany Hernandez 3rd meter spike07.10.1994
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Guillaume Samica (2nd movie)01.02.2010
French player: Guillaume Samica - only best actions from his career. Highlights from Polish League, World League, Champi…
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Nice serve (5th movie)29.01.2010
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Tine Urnaut big headshot09.12.2009
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Jastrzębski Węgiel - Resovia Rzeszów (Highlights)24.01.2010
Roberto Santilli’s team won the final tournament of Polish Cup in Bydgoszcz. In the finals Jastrzębski Węgiel beat r…
added 8 years ago by saku 27 4697
Polish Cup 2010 Highlights25.01.2010
Highlights of Final Four played at Łuczniczka hall in Bydgoszcz. There played stars like Igor Yudin, Pavel Abramov, Ter…
added 8 years ago by chrison 35 8147
Mikko Esko24.01.2010
Mikko Esko is a professional volleyball player from Finland. He has played on his career in Finland, Germany, Belgium, I…
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CSKA Sofia Fans20.01.2010
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Mikko Oivanen (3rd movie)21.01.2010
Video presents one of the best Finnish volleyball players. Oivanen started his career with his brother Matti in Kiikoist…
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Germany - Turkey05.07.2008
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Krzysztof Ignaczak17.01.2010
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Samuele Papi vs Globus Winshot15.01.2010
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Paweł Zagumny (2nd movie)10.01.2010
Movie presenting how miscellaneous player is Paweł Zagumny. There are a lot of his tips, blocks, fast sets and smart se…
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Funny (baby on the volleyball playground)03.01.2010
Federico Vermiglio debuted on Serie A! He wanted to play with his father, Valerio, so he went towards the playground. Hi…
added 8 years ago by VolleyballMovies 18 6613
Resovia Rzeszów - Skra Bełchatów (short cut)23.12.2009
The best actions of first matches in querter-final between Resovia and Skra. Skra was absolutely favorite of that matche…
added 8 years ago by saku 5 3213
Skra Bełchatów - Resovia Rzeszów (SET1)02.01.2010
Before the game it was clear that at least one set lost by Skra Bełchatów meant that they are out of Polish Cup 2010. …
added 8 years ago by chrison 10 4897

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