Zenit vs Trentino

Do you think that Zenit Kazan in the nearest time can play as well and efficiently like Trentino Volley ? In my opinion in the next sezon Zenit is going to be definetly one of the strongest teams in the world with receiver like Juantorena and opposite - Maxim Mikhaylov.
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AngelosAlexiou CY 6 years ago +1
in volleyball is different than football
and by knowing how good coach ALEKNO is, i believe they will do great)
Kjeldhor IT 6 years ago 0
just sit and w8 for next season ;)
RevanExtasis PT 6 years ago +2
i only have one thing to say, many star in one team can be problematic, Real Madrid and Miami Heat they have best player than money can buy but there are not the best in his own league, trentino was ok Matey and Osmany and maybe a litle of Raphael and Stork in the second line but Kazan ?? please vermiglio, world class Nº1 setter, maxim best young opposite and maybe best of the wolrd, berezkho or priddy the second one of the leader in Usa and Volkov one of the top 5 midle blocker of the world this will be a true ego batle, but maybe im wrong like most part of the time XD

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