Serie A - 2nd semifinals

Serie A - 2nd semifinals 27th April 2011
20:30 Lube Banca Marche Macerata - Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo 3:1
28th April 2011
20:30 Casa Modena - Itas Diatec Trentino 3:0 (Rai Sport 1)
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Kk15 IT 7 years ago 0
highlights of the match Modena-Trento:
Zyta PL 7 years ago 0
Oli4 wait a little bit, chrison can't do it every day, it make take a while.
Oli4 BE 7 years ago 0
Oh ok saw your video about Angel :p Mostly he hits the top of the net during his serve :p Chrison doesn't accept my videos anymore! :s I uploaded video about Olympics 2004 and a movie about 3 players and he won't except them godamn!
Kk15 IT 7 years ago 0
other two movies from the match:

Juantorena nice point : http://www.youtub...&feature=related

Creus nice attack: http://www.youtub...&feature=related

ps: Zyta can you upload these?=)
Kk15 IT 7 years ago 0
ah, in the first set Trento commetted just 2 errors, while Modena commetted 9 errors... and beside this, they won 25-21!
Kk15 IT 7 years ago 0
Jrios, is Juantorena, this year in Trento-Cuneo 3-0 [regoular season]=) (you can also find the movie in this website, is something like "Cuneo vs Juantorena). 6 aces on 9 serve, if I'm not wrong (and 9 aces in the whole match, i think...)

at the end of that match Stoytchev said he had seen someone serve in that way just once, and it was Kaiyziski (so you got close^^)
zloty147 PL 7 years ago 0
Modena- 25- 25- 25
Trentino- 21- 23- 8
JRios CL 7 years ago 0
kk15>> Kazyiski, Nikolov or Gustavo Endres?
Kk15 IT 7 years ago 0
ah, Dennis number of aces in just one serve run (7 aces) is a new record!

Guess who had the previous record?=) (6 aces)
Kk15 IT 7 years ago 0
but if you want a direct link of dennis show movie-->



As Zyta said, kaiyziski and also Juantorena serve quite well (Juantorena not at the top, but no bad...), but Modena received (and defended) very very well!
I've never seen this year a team able to beat Trento 25-8! They were completly lost in the third set, even when they lost with Cuneo they played better.
I woudn't said that this is the worst match they lost this year just because they lost 2 final 3-0...

Raphael-Bruno 1-1 =)

(Bruno and Dennis---> WOW!!!)

I was almost to miss the match, I'm so glad I saw it, the result was completly unespected!
Zyta PL 7 years ago 0
Well if you will check statistics it wasn't that bad with them, but... just Angel :) I added part of 3rd with Angel show, chrison just must accept this.
Oli4 BE 7 years ago 0
Just see this. What happened with Trento? :d Worst match ever?

Last edited by Oli4 7 years ago.

raylight BG 7 years ago 0
Why did Trento served at Casoli and Mania?! Kooy received only 7 times
raylight BG 7 years ago 0
I agree Michal, but the players of Trento are young ones, so they can be fooled by the experienced players of other teams

Btw, worst game for Juantorena today - http://www.legavo...ara.asp?IdGara=20262
Michal PL 7 years ago +1
First of all Kurek is not a great player. Second I was talking about what Leonardi did with the freeball after Matey's serve. I know that's random, but I've seen like 5 or more similar situations recently when he was serving. I'm talking about simple mistakes while the ball is given by the opponent.
Zyta PL 7 years ago +1
No, come on raylight, Kurek's syndrome is different, screwing golden set in every possible element :D
raylight BG 7 years ago 0
Come on, a lot of great players, including Kurek screwed sets
Zyta PL 7 years ago 0
What, screwed set when you're gettin close and can win it?
Michal PL 7 years ago 0
That's Alexiev's syndrome, I just realized.
Zyta PL 7 years ago +4
well, it's always like that, if one team would serve/play better, result could be different, nothing new. Modena played great but will see how they gonna play in next match, if we remind how bad they played on Monday - everything is possible.

And Kaziyski served very good actually, but today it wasn't a problem for spikers to finish attack even from set from 4/5 meter.

Last edited by Zyta 7 years ago.

ogor PL 7 years ago 0
Angel Denis is AWESOME!!!
ross925 IT 7 years ago 0
Very bad game this time for Trento...bad reception ,no blocks, all the players were inactive in defense,their faces said everything...but also congratulations to Modena that played an amazing game!

@Zyta Sokolov played the whole match because Stokr had backache!
Michal PL 7 years ago +2
Did anyone else notice everytime Kaziyski starts to serve at his maximum power his teammates do everything to stop his good run? I've seen it so many times- like simple mistakes from free balls. Wonder how the match would have gone if Trento hadn't screwed 2nd set.
raylight BG 7 years ago 0
First two aces in Dennis row in the third set hit the net and passed as aces. The other serves of ALL players with powerful serve in Modena were on the edge and entered. Kooistra for example hits the net a lot more often usually, but today was superb

P.S. This was only third factor for the victory. If Trento served as they could, the game would be different

Last edited by raylight 7 years ago.

Zyta PL 7 years ago 0
Luck? That was no luck, not only Juantorena can serve well ;)
Angel was just amazing on serve and Modena played very smart in defense and block, I wish to see them playing like that all the time not only in single match.

But plus for Matey for his serve, not his fault that even with bad reception Modena finished attacks. And really nice sets by Raphael to Soko, he attacked a lot on single block. I haven't seen first set, does Soko played whole match?
And at the beign of 3rd set I told my friend that I hope Modena won't screw it with thinking that they will win easy 3rd set :D
Michal PL 7 years ago 0
Once again we could see Modena is other team while playing home. I hope somebody uploads Dennis' show.
raylight BG 7 years ago 0
Incredible Bruno, phenomenal Denis and phenomenal LUCK
NightFox BG 7 years ago 0
Crash for TRENTO ! Incredible Modena !
saku PL 7 years ago 0
Modena Trento 3:0 in 3rd set 25:8 ! amazing Bruno and Denis
Hewwing CA 7 years ago 0
amazing service run.
Peter291 PL 7 years ago +3
Angel Dennis 7 aces in one service run!!!
dyingflutsman NL 7 years ago 0
Is there a live stream of the final online?
Kk15 IT 7 years ago 0
Amazing match! Except some mistakes and misunderstanding, there were several long rally, a lot of good defense, a loto of agonism. Cuneo played quite well but not on his best level (and the end of the second set is a prove), but Macerata deserve to win.
someone may say that they won the first and the second set for just 2 point, but actually they were always over Cuneo during the set (and often of 2-3 point), and - about the second set - if you are losing 20-24 and at the end you win 32-33, that's mean you deserve to win=)

I really hope Modena to wake up today, or the Serie Trento-Modena will be really less interesting (because more predictable, even if is always impressive seeing Trento strenght) than the serie Macerata-Cuneo.

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