[PDF Report] Ranking of the best volleyball players in the history

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[PDF Report] Ranking of the best volleyball players in the history

There is the current version (updated after The Olympics) of summary of the most titled volleyball players in the history. I counted number of individual awards in international volleyball competitions: The Olympics, World Championships, World League, World Grand Champions Cup and World Cup.

There are most titled volleyball players (after 2012):

1. Ivan Miljković - 5 awards
2. Giba - 4
3. Lorenzo Bernardi - 3
3. Murilo Endres - 3
5. Karch Kiraly - 2
5. Andrea Zorzi - 2
5. Dmitriy Fomin - 2
5. Andrea Giani - 2
5. Andrea Sartoretti - 2
5. Bas van der Goor - 2
5. Maxim Mikhaylov - 2

Best spiker:
1. Ron Zwerver - 4
1. Bas van der Goor - 4
1. Dante Amaral - 4
4. Maxim Mikhaylov - 3
5. Dmitriy Fomin - 2
5. Marcelo Negrão - 2
5. Andre Nascimento - 2

Best scorer:
1. Ivan Miljković - 6
2. Marcos Milinković - 3
3. Andrea Sartoretti - 2
3. Osvaldo Hernandez - 2
3. Rafael Pascual - 2
3. Hector Soto - 2
3. Maxim Mikhaylov - 2

Best setter:
1. Raúl Diago - 4
2. Shin Yong-Chul - 3
2. Maurício Lima - 3
2. Ricardo Garcia - 3
2. Lloy Ball - 3
2. Paweł Zagumny - 3
2. Nikola Grbić - 3

Best blocker:
1. Gustavo Endres - 4
1. Andrija Gerić - 4
3. Aleksey Kuleshov - 3
3. Robertlandy Simon - 3
5. Martin van der Horst - 2
5. Ruslan Olikhver - 2
5. Jan Posthuma - 2
5. Ihosvany Hernandez - 2
5. Marcin Możdżonek - 2

Best server:
1. Ron Zwerver - 3
1. Clayton Stanley - 3
3. Haruhiko Hanawa - 2
3. Goran Vujević - 2
3. Luigi Mastrangelo - 2
3. Osvaldo Hernandez - 2
3. Andrea Sartoretti - 2
3. Matey Kaziyski - 2
3. Semen Poltavsky - 2
3. Cristian Savani - 2

Best libero:
1. Sergio - 4
2. Mirko Corsano - 3
2. Alexey Verbov - 3
4. Richard Lambourne - 2
4. Krzysztof Ignaczak - 2

Best digger:
1. Aldis Berzins - 2
1. Bob Ctvrtlik - 2
1. Scott Fortune - 2
1. Sergio - 2

Best receiver:
1. Bob Ctvrtlik - 2
1. Scott Fortune - 2
1. Pablo Meana - 2
1. Sergio - 2

9 the best volleyball players:
1.    Ivan Miljković - 12 awards
2.    Sergio - 9
3.    Ron Zwerver - 8
3.    Maxim Mikhaylov - 8
5.    Osvaldo Hernandez - 6
5.    Andrea Sartoretti - 6
5.    Dmitriy Fomin - 6
5.    Marcos Milinković - 6
5.    Robertlandy Simon - 6


You can find full version of report HERE [1MB]

This ranking is no longer refreshed.

In the Volleyball-Movies.net 3.1 there have been created dynamically created ranking of the best men indoor players in the history. This ranking is refreshed every Monday. It is based on places of player's teams and individual awards for players in tournaments. Moreover there is also ranking of the best women players in the history.

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MaristNatick US 3 years ago 0
There is a huge problem with this "list." Once they changed the rules in 1996, it became a totally different game. Kiraly was hands down the best indoor all-around player in the Side-Out era. However, he would be very undersized today, and with hand passing & digging, plus the expansion of the jump serve (in the 80's there would be one or two jump servers per team, tops), his all around skills just wouldn't be as much of a factor...more players are able to control the ball than in Karch's era. There is a reason Outside hitters now are routinely 6'8" - 6 10" at the international level...a lot of those guys wouldn't be able to primary pass if they had to use their platforms, and had to cover half the court (instead of the standard 3 man system now). Jump serving would not be as dominate in Side-Out scoring either. While there wasn't a penalty for a missed serve like today, the fact that your team could only score when serving, made tactics much different. Plus, matches were often 3 hours or more...those jumps would not be as explosive by the end of the match. This list doesn't take this into account...volleyball is simply too difficult to quantify with stats, when comparing players from other eras.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 4 years ago 0
This list needs to be updated
siphodias974 FR 4 years ago 0
dman99 CA 5 years ago 0
My opinion growing up in the 80s Karch Kiraly two time gold medalist, probably would've won 3 if he didn't go play beach instead (he won two gold there)
liza IL 5 years ago +1
mikhaylov is number 3 while he is only 24 he is going to be a legend
greek-volley GR 5 years ago 0
Great statistics
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago 0
I agree RenanZ, who agrees with Stefan!
RenanZ BR 6 years ago 0
I agree Stefan!
Stefan-Raphael RS 6 years ago +1
Thats because Mikhailov wont have competition, Miljkovic is better than him, we saw that on European Championship, Miljkovic is a legend my friends. I think Bratoev shouldnt be the best setter in the Olympics, by my opinion Bruno should be the best setter.

Last edited by Stefan-Raphael 6 years ago.

ivolley44 BG 6 years ago +3
Looking in this statistics Bratoev will soon be in the best setters categorie :D Don't think that this statistics proove something(how could Aleksiev take the best receiver award in WL?)Personally don't see big plus from this because Miljković is 32 but Mikhaylov is 24 so after a couple of years we will see how Mikhaylov is first ....
raylight BG 6 years ago 0
in the world of club volleyball where they kick your ass, Renan
camnow PL 6 years ago 0
great job bro, ;) thumbs UP!
Aelinn PL 6 years ago +1
Chrison, they used your report on SWO - http://www.s-w-o....siatkarzy-w-historii
V-m is getting more and more famous and quoted in PL :)
Kaz VA 6 years ago 0
"By the way, I told at FEB 2011 this: "Soon Murilo will be part of the top 03 !!!"

He's already at rank 03rd!"
He tottaly didn't deserve this year's MVP award!
Kaz VA 6 years ago +2
@andyz a bit off topic
Is Kiraly going to be the coach of women's team USA for real?? That would be so awesome.
RenanZ BR 6 years ago -3
By the way, I told at FEB 2011 this: "Soon Murilo will be part of the top 03 !!!"

He's already at rank 03rd!
RenanZ BR 6 years ago 0
...Bulgarians. The best players in the world...

in what world?

Question: who is the best volleyball player (indoor/outdoor)? ;-). Who has three Olympic gold medals (hint)? ;-))) How can anyone compare somebody to him???

Kiraly, I believe. I'm right ?!

Last edited by RenanZ 6 years ago.

qwertyuiop12345 PL 6 years ago -4
Scandal. Where is Matey Kaziyski? 2 awards only? And other Bulgarians. The best players in the world.
andyz US 6 years ago +1
Question: who is the best volleyball player (indoor/outdoor)? ;-). Who has three Olympic gold medals (hint)? ;-))) How can anyone compare somebody to him???
Stefan-Raphael RS 6 years ago 0
Serbia vs Brazil.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago +4
The King will be greatly missed!
Andrut PL 6 years ago +5
No shit, sherlock
fadel BH 6 years ago -1

Ivan has the highest Statistics
Kjeldhor IT 6 years ago +3
Brazilians got advantage cause their history in NT, they got a good team (or god team sometimes :D)
and they always get qualified

there's a lot of good player that don't have any title cause they play in a minor NT (ex: Granvorka... do u ever seen France in a final match?) or they didn't play in a NT (a lot of cubans)
Milka PL 6 years ago -1
Huge advantage Brazilians!
chrison PL 6 years ago +1
it is in ranking (World League 2007) but it was unofficial award.
Andrut PL 6 years ago +1
Nice work :) But there is a mistake - Winiarski was best receiver twice :)
Radeon PL 6 years ago 0
Why flag of Yugoslavia has red star ? After 1992 Yugoslavia had not red star
fadel BH 6 years ago 0
Excellent work
cheribee PH 7 years ago 0
nice research... i wish you have an updated one :)
Kjeldhor IT 7 years ago +2
missing Juantoregna :(
Kk15 IT 7 years ago 0
really interesting!!

bigger surprise to me: Mastrangelo twice best server!

@hanes, you're quite right, and I'll add that the spiker (OH and opposite) are favourite because they have more chance to get a prize, as best spiker/best scorer/even MVP. Setter and expecially Libero (they didn't serve and block at all!) had very few chance to won more than one prize, also because considering that exist "best setter" and "best libero" awards it's almost impossible for them to win an MVP prize. So or they get the "best setter/libero" or they get nothing.

of course Sergio is an exeption ^^ (when he was nominated MVP has the "best libero" award already exist?)
hanes233 EE 7 years ago +2
This report is a great and intresting thing, but you can't take this as 100% proof.
1.becouse usually the awards come only to the top 3 or 4 lands in finals, mabie someone was better who's team was 5th or 7th.
2.Some players can prepare for these competitions the whole season others dont have any rest.
3.You can't really say who is the best, becouse mabie someone had more triple and double blocks against him becouse the opposite team was focusing on him.

Last edited by hanes233 5 years ago.

Gabriel BR 7 years ago +2
Sergio one of the best players in the world and is a Libero, impressive!
HeeelMooi NL 7 years ago 0
Yeah Peter apparently didn't get enough awards.... why not, is beyond me. Also, why no Henno?
raylight BG 7 years ago -4
What about Peter Blange, HeeelMooi?
HeeelMooi NL 7 years ago +1
Very cool list! Ron Zwerver!!!!!!!! Bas van de Goor!
JRios CL 7 years ago +1
Karch Kirally, I agree with guys below. Even FIVB chose him player of 20th century. Also all the coaches think about him when they imagine an ideal player.
vtnklmdc PL 7 years ago 0
Chrison great work :)
this is very intresting
chrison PL 7 years ago +1
Quoteraylight :
I am scientist and I was suggesting something like Google page rank algorithm, which will weight the national leagues, so title in Italy and title in Izrael will not be equal; futhermore, it will weight all appearances of the players, not just the awards. It is not critical of your efforts, it is my desire to improve the ranking system

Weight of the league will be very subjective thing. Some people will think that Italian and Russian league have the same weight, some think that Italian is more luxury than Russian, others believe the opposite. I'm sure that will be people who think that Polish league should have the same weight like Italian and Russian. It is VERY subjective.

Last edited by chrison 7 years ago.

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