old or modern volleyball

as you can see I prefer more older style of volleyball (80 and 90), and I am very interesting in yours opinion.
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Someone PL 5 years ago 0
There was a lot players under 190 in 'old' volleyball, especially setters and sometimes wing-spikers.

I've seen some old matches, which vaterni uploaded and I was veeeeeery impressed. Rallies were unbeliveable! And the game was dynamic too. I also don't like sets to 15 points and some old rules. But now I would only like to back to game without libero. Personally I like a lot of liberos, especially Ignaczak, but I think It'll be better for the game.
Rachel BR 5 years ago 0
I couldn't agree more to what pearl said, I think that's the feeling for most of the people who experienced old and modern volleyball, some of the best players I've ever seen are from these days and they are still my favorite ones.
But I like the rally point system (maybe I'm wrong, I don't know). Sometimes I wonder how much time it would take a volleyball match today with the old rules...
pearl IT 5 years ago +3
It’s not possible to make a comparison, mainly because personal opinions strongly depend on the age of the person who expresses them; I mean it’s like comparing music downloaded from i-tunes to the vinyl records: how can I explain to nowadays teenagers who only know i-pods and maybe cds the beauty in listening a song from a vinyl (listen to pearl jam “spin the black circle” to get an idea)? I like current v-b but the old one will always be my fav: i loved when sets ended at 15, no rally point system, the white mikasa, no liberos on court, middle blockers who were terrific also in defense and not limited (or specialized as some of you have said) players whose only job is to block….sometimes modern volleyball is so boring, only based on muscles, relying on cannonball services with the result that usually you watch matches with tons of errors when serving and 90% of rallies which are not even rallies ‘cause they last less than 20 seconds. I think that people over 30 will always love old volleyball more, and people under 30 will always love modern v-b ‘cause it’s the only volleyball they’ve ever experienced, full stop.

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Mihau PL 5 years ago 0
New quicker play but old rules.
Joel2718 CA 5 years ago 0
and ya im gonna say what some others have said, i like the serving aspect of modern volleyball, ie jump serves.
Joel2718 CA 5 years ago 0
sure Nagor, but on the other hand you used to have to be such a good all around player to be a middle blocker, not so much anymore though. i guess thats not necessarily a bad thing, but it would be cool today to be able to say that 'so and so' is truly the best volleyball player. now you can only say they are the best in one area, or one position.
Nagor PL 5 years ago 0
And libero position is good chance for ppl under 190 :P
Nagor PL 5 years ago 0
Someone - I often can see your argument - players are too specialised... but... is it bad? If you want to see players without specialisation, go to school wath some physic lessons - 6 players after every point make one step in 'volleyball circle'. From left to setter, from setter to right :D
Someone PL 5 years ago 0
In my opinion the most interesting volleyball was after change the ball rules (dimensions, weight) and before libero. It was the 90's.

I think that we need to back to the game without libero, because as Karch Kiraly said: it is becoming a big men's game. Players are too specialised. Liberos cover a big part of court and even if players are very powerfull it's hard to serve an ace (or winner). Middles are almost only for attack and block and some of them barely can dig the ball. Players are very high and powerfull and some balls are scored too easy.

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raylight BG 5 years ago 0
I love athletic volleyball and there is still technique for the lovers of the classic :)
Nagor PL 5 years ago 0
I prefer todays too, more powerful, strong serves, fast setters, monster jumps and hits.
hanes233 EE 5 years ago 0
To be honest I like todays volleyball more, becouse it is so dynamic and fast, you see crazy players and big emotions, but sometimes it is nice to watch the oldschool volleyball too ;)
Andrut PL 5 years ago +2
Nah, you're not interesting in our opinions :p

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