In your country volleyball is a popular sport?

In your country volleyball  is a popular sport? In my country, Italy, volleyball is one of the most popular sport, but it isn't much popular. Programs about sports in general never tolak about volleyball, and i can see the Serie A1 matches only in a secondary channel. The players are less payed than in other sports. Is volleyball a sport only for intlligent people (because the complicated rules)? So, what's the situation of volleyball in your country? Is more or less popular than football?
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Kk15 IT 6 years ago 0
ps sorry if I always speak too much!! :P
Kk15 IT 6 years ago +3
Nice topic!
Polish guys, I thought that Volleyball was even more popoular than football in Poland!

In Italy the sport itself is really popoular (I mean the 'played' sport, not the 'watched' sport), because every school has a volleyball court in is gym (may be few schools doesn't have a proper gym, otherwise it's a volleybal + basketball very small court)! And there are (at least in Roma) a lot of championship between different classes of the same school or different schools. It's rare that a school doesn't have at least a female team (even if it can be very awful, but it exist), but usually there are both the male and female team. So, may be the real rules aren't really know, but the basic is known by everyone.

And volleyball is the first famale agonist sport in Italy.
But football is the first male sport practised in Italy, of course.
Other sport quite practised are tennis, basketball, swimm, rugby (male only, almost), also atheltics, artistic gymnastic, waterpolo. There are a lot of people that do cyclism for fun, but also excursionism and climbing, and most of all, SKI!!

But if we speak about the watched/followed volleyball... Well, we are lucky that most of the clubs plays in small towns, that don't have many others stong team, so they give every support to volleyball (e.g. Cuneo). The Serie A isn't really that followed imo, even by who plays volleyball and even by who follows the NT. But there isn't any information trasmitted on tv, and nothing more than the results written in the newspapers (vs 4-5-6-7 even 10 pages about football in the cronhical newsp., and 1 page vs like 30 pages about football on the sport newsp.).
The NT is more followed by the people, but still not really followed by the medias, expecially TV medias (the matches are trasmitted, but it's all limitated to this, mostly)... When we won the semifinal (the first semifinal won after 6 years!!) of the ECh, we had 2 whole pages on the Gazzetta ( at page like 40 or 50), but before this two pages it was all soccer and F1.
I think that rugby NT is more followed (and defintly has much much more space in medias) even if they won NOTHING! Already 40.000 tickets sell for 'Six nations' Italy-England in february...
I think that football and F1 are maaaany level before volleyball.
Overlook PL 6 years ago 0
And I think that people in FIVB are most interesting politics than volleyball. They create complicated rules of tournaments, which change every time according to someone's business. Look at last ECH or WCH and perspective of people who “aren't in” volleyball. They see that losing match in some situations is more payable than win! Moreover FIVB should do everything to develop this sport, but they aren’t. How they treat players, who are the most important or should be? They even can’t communicate with CEV and others federations. And I don’t say what I think about theirs marketing.
I'm sport's journalist and I try promote every discipline, which isn't football, especially volleyball;) But I also have write about this primitive sport;) or, the worst, make relation from some tournaments or matches. I can watch the most interesting moments of match in sport news and that’s all. For me so far football’ve been the most boring sport, but now I’m writing article about American football and I changed my mind:)
Someone PL 6 years ago 0
I think that map brought us by chrison isn't correct. It could be counted by number of countries or by registred players- without counting fans. I've searched the internet and that data is repeated everywhere- there's no other sources unfortunately :(

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Berny SK 6 years ago 0
I read in slovak volleyball federation site, that volleyball is second variety of different sport in the world (after football) :) so its not that bad right?

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volleymaster BE 6 years ago 0
@ Chrison: indeed, very nice map, but you can clearly see that volleyball is nowhere the most popular sport.
I think the reason why volleyball isn't that popular is that the media doesn't give enough attention to it.
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago 0
1. Football
2. Handball
3. Volleyball
jrlechado BR 6 years ago 0
1. Soccer
2. Volleyball
3. Maybe Basketball.

The diference between soccer and volleyball in Brazil is as huge as Everest can be.

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Aelinn PL 6 years ago 0
@daniel2224 I am from western Poland and I've lived there all my life. I can assure you that speedway is not the most popular sport there. It is popular and certainly more than in eastern or southern Poland, for that matter. But definitely not the most popular one. It would make the top ten, for sure, but maybe place 4. Unfortunately, there is football, football and then something else. This is something I totally don't understand, for the reasons already mentioned here by dreamandhope.
Volleyball is popular and is getting so more and more, but still has a loooong distance to football :P
@Sllaveq Believe me, your football team is way better than ours, we really and truly suck :P
Berny SK 6 years ago 0
First sport in Slovakia is football (long time ago I wrote some stuffs, why is that in global), second is ice hockey (our team in 2002 was WChampion and whole country was on feet), than every year after this, slovakians cries: we will win WCH etc., then finally VOLLEYBALL and Basketball at the same rank. Then other sports I dont care.

Slovak volleyball NT did too many fantastic results in whole history, like football (8th place in WC 2010?? who cares) and icehockey (1st WC 2002 - who cares again). I dont want to write volleyball results, its so boring, but its a shame, that still our youngsters would be footballers and hockey players (but this is not medias problem or anybody - PARENTS could change that.) E.g. for myself - father was volleyball player in Czechoslovakia national league- mother was athlet, but father didnt force me to volleyball, because mother sad: He choose his own favourite sport (yeah, here it goes 6 to 11years football in front of my house, 11-14 basketball in highschool, finally 14-26 volleyball, but I had to choose myself ofcourse.) NOW I regret every stupid minute, which i spent with football, basketball etc. After 10 years in 26years finally i start to play in profi club, because I could regret myself to my death. So this is my example. How many people had equal past than me.
I will raise my child with volleyball, not for football and basketball, because I will tell them, look to your father, you have to be more like he was. Child in 10years doesnt know, what is for him right decision about sport.
Sorry about my bad english

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qsek PL 6 years ago 0
we can not forgot that in Poland very popular are wintersports - i think that Adam Małysz in his best shape few years ago had got more fans than all volleyball;)

on internet i read that this is official rank:
1. football

2. krykiet

3. hockey on the grass

4. tenis

5. volleyball

6. ping-pong

7. baseball

8. golf

9. rugby

10. basketball.


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pearl IT 6 years ago 0
I already wrote something like this not long ago. Anyway, I'll write it again. Apart those sports that aren't actually sports (like formula 1 or GP motorbikes) the most popular team-sports in Italy are (more or less):
1. Soccer (obviously)
2. Basketball and Volleyball
3. Rugby
4. Waterpolo
5. Baseball (i think...but i'm not sure)
Roninho PL 6 years ago 0
In almost every country football is in the first place. This is the easiest and easily accessible discipline. In Poland, football is the most popular. Second place is for volleyball or speedway. You may not know but on average at every match in the speedway is 10 thousand people. More than volleyball. I live in Torun. In the city where the sport is the most important has just speedway. I would recommend this sport because the emotions are very great! From 2 years in Torun is the Grand Prix. I was 2 times and it is something amazing. And finally see the action!

Blawatek PL 6 years ago +1
Agree with qwertyuiop12345, I have my type for the worst football team :)
qwertyuiop12345 PL 6 years ago +4
Sllaveq about worst football team in the world im not sure. ;)
Frank CA 6 years ago +1
In Canada the most popular sport is Hockey and then Football (American Football), at least here in my province. Volleyball isn't very popular here, we only got 3 university with a men volleyball team in Québec. That doesn't make an interesting league when there's only 3 teams :s .
qsek PL 6 years ago +1
i think that there isn't counrty on the world where vollleyball is more popular than football. for us it is strange how can people does not like this sport, but guys... they just like others sports, they play them and watch, and i think we should respect that and don't ask people : how can you don't like volleyball?
Sometimes i hear from others that they hear too much about volleyball and that's why they don't like it. Football is popular, but a looot of my friends interest in speedway/motocross (i think because in Rzeszów is quite good club).
and i think that you forgot about handball, which also is quite popular (a lot of people watch polish NT and my few friends play this sport)
dreamandhope PL 6 years ago 0
@someone, maybe you are right, but I think volleyball has become more popular last times. About speedway I think it is a joke:D I know how good polish league is, and I live in Torun where we have good speedway club, but im not intrested it at all. Definetly speedway isn't number one in Poland, even not number 2 or 3:)
daniel2224 PL 6 years ago -4
in west poland this is most popular sport...
Someone PL 6 years ago 0
It does not mean that it is the most popular... :/

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daniel2224 PL 6 years ago -3
no motorcross, this is speedway http://www.youtub.../watch?v=RtU8szaOUWc

Polish league is the best in the world...

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volleymaster BE 6 years ago 0
oh, ok, thanks. Motorcross.
that sport isn't that popular in Belgium, but sometimes it's on tv.
Not my favourit sport. :)
daniel2224 PL 6 years ago -2
http://www.epocht...-27-xl--speedway.jpg this is speedway

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Someone PL 6 years ago -1
Maybe in your region... Football is of course the most popular and there is a big difference between football and other sports. By number of viewers volleyball is quite popular, but there's not a lot of people who play this sport unfortunately :(

Do You understand the question? Or You just kidding us don't you?

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volleymaster BE 6 years ago +1
what's speedway?
daniel2224 PL 6 years ago -6
in Poland:
1. Speedway
2. Volleyball and Football
3. Basketball
dreamandhope PL 6 years ago +4
Feo, you are so wrong. 1. Football agree with you, but 2. volleyabll. Honestly I have no idea why football is so popular in Poland while polish NT and polish clubs suck. I hope it will change some day, but still polish football looks bad. Compare successes in volleyball and football, in this year we had more successes in vollayball than in football in last 30 yeras. But I dont think there is so huge diffrence popularity between football and volleyball, not any more.
Sllaveq BG 6 years ago +1
Football, but we have the worst football team in the world! Village team can defeat us for sure..
Volleyball may be the 2nd//
Feo PL 6 years ago -4
1. Football
843293261849. Ski jumping
843293261850. Volleyball
Joachim7 BE 6 years ago -2
In my regio volleyball is so unpopular that some people believe it's a sport only for women...
And maybe then volleyball...=(

It is a pity considering how fucking bad our football NT is and how amazing we are in sports like Hockey and the potential we have in Basketball or Volleyball...
volleymaster BE 6 years ago +1
In Belgium (or in the regio where I'm living):

1. football
2. tennis
3. volleyball
4. basketball

difference between volleyball and tennis is very big, and difference between volleyball and basket isn't really hughe.
NightFox BG 6 years ago 0
football ...
volley IT 6 years ago 0
noo :'(
first football and the others sport aren't popular
samueleke BE 6 years ago +1
It's our second popular sport, after Football, I think.. But football still got a lot more atention... :s

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