Fastest Volleyball Serve in the History of Volleyball

Does anybody know what the fastest recorded serve is?
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EliVeziova BG 4 years ago 0
Fastest Volleyball Serve - Matey Kaziyski http://www.volley...i-serve-132kmh-m9838
WOJT PL 6 years ago +1
I don't know if I remember well, but Frantz Granvorka served 134 km/h with old Mikasa ball. 150 km/h - bullshit.

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raylight BG 6 years ago 0
Nightfox said that if you send the ball to the moon it can be faster, the question is can you send it in opponent's part of the pitch faster than 132 km/h
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago -5
Somebody said Stanley had 150 km/h
fadel BH 6 years ago -3
I think it's Stanley
marchst IT 6 years ago +4
Kaziyski 132 Km/h in italian cup 2010 in Montecatini.
kapitan_bomba PL 6 years ago +5
Kaziyski with Molten, Grozer with Mikasa
qsek PL 6 years ago +1
i think Kazijskis serves from Italian Cup and Olympics

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