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Dmitriy Muserskiy
added 12:12 24/07/2010 in Russia, place 302/5801
Dmitriy Muserskiy
Date of birth: 1988
Height: 215cm
Weight: 104kg
Position: middle-blocker
Spike: 371cm
Block: 347cm
Clubs: Academy VBK Kharkiv (UKR), Lokomotiv Belgorod (RUS), Metaloinwest Stary Oskol (RUS), Lokomotiv Belgorod (RUS)

Title of song: The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
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AngelosAlexiou CY 39 12:21 06/05/2012 +1
great player, he is doing everything, serving, attacking, blocking!!
JRios CL 313 00:23 16/02/2011 0
Revan, still loving you... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkIrZxN9pHk
RevanExtasis PT 1008 23:52 15/02/2011 0
why simon is there ?? simpl because is the best and the people dont want heard it XD
Joel2718 CA 498 06:19 15/02/2011 0
haha, i'm sure this has already been mentioned, but why is Simon is there ?
JRios CL 313 03:15 15/02/2011 -1
Thanks Zyta, you're a polite girl and I'm a funny guy!
saku PL 1181 16:33 14/02/2011 0
so Heller was a sub? I watched 2 the most important mtches of Brazil on 2004, finals of WL and Olimpics and Heller played with Gustavo and Rodrigao was a a sub
NightFox BG 2921 01:36 14/02/2011 0
sub - substitution
saku PL 1181 21:52 13/02/2011 0
I dont know what mean 'sub' I cant find it anywhere, Henrique? can you tell me?;P

btw ,headress of Dima now is so awful, Simon has better
raylight BG 7422 20:50 13/02/2011 -1
Everyone wants to put Simon tattoo on his shoulder, but Simon has tattoo of Todorov
Zyta PL 1553 19:57 13/02/2011 0
Guys I love your sense of humor!
JRios CL 313 19:12 13/02/2011 -1
Revan, I love you... nice guy personality!
RevanExtasis PT 1008 19:06 13/02/2011 0
why all hear are so angry whith the true?, I feel that you have a bit of envy, if I did not know the conversations that all of you talk about here , simon is the best , and i will continue said that because the numbers talks for him, and because is true , ignore me is a good solution for all you , but please dont tell me what to do , ok ?? in this year we would see the truth about simon.

Last edited by RevanExtasis on 20:07 13/02/2011.

JRios CL 313 17:36 13/02/2011 -1
Originality is a rare commodity nowadays. I'll have to accept that someone else in this world is tattooed with simon symbol.
JRios CL 313 17:13 13/02/2011 -1
C'mon guys, Simon is really the best! I'm thinking tatoo him in my left arm.
Michal PL 551 16:18 13/02/2011 +1
"Revan should stop with this Simon obsession, or soon, somewhere else, someone will be discussing who's the best basketball or baseball player and he'll say "Simon"."

That's only one of the least painful options. Imagine how embarassing it can be when instead of sarcamental "yes" he'll come out with his magic sentence (not sure if he already hasn't replaced "Amen" with "Simon").

Ever heard of "Snow White" fairy tale?

Queen: Mirror, Mirror, Tell me who is the Fairest...

Mirror: WTF? What was that question supposed to mean, are you completely nuts? Everybody knows the answer is Simon!
Michal PL 551 14:08 13/02/2011 +4
Nothing new from him. I suppose that first words someone could ever hear from baby Revan wasn't any of his parents funny pronounce or a simple letter syntax but "SIMON IS THE BEST".
NightFox BG 2921 13:08 13/02/2011 +1
haha true, Zyta, true
Zyta PL 1553 11:49 12/02/2011 +5
kate he always must mention simon

PS. Revan if you want to see dimitry vs simon, go to the laola1.tv, there is a match from F6 of World LEague 2010 between Russia and Cuba and you can compare your idol with that "just tall" guy.
Oli4 BE 1038 10:59 12/02/2011 0
Ooh 218cm? Didn't know that, just read what was up here

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