Dinamo Tirana - AS Cannes (Champions League 1983/84)

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Date: 07.11.1983
Place: "Asllan Rusi Palace of Sports", Tirana (ALB)
Match: Dinamo Tirana (ALB) - AS Cannes (FRA) 3:1
Kind of tournament: European Champions League 1993/94
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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago +1
wow. this video is amazing because it truly shows how the game of volleyball has evolved over all the years.

Thumbs Up!
vatreni ME 6 years ago +4
I really appreciate your gratitude
Rachel BR 6 years ago +1
I would like to say that I'm really happy too!! I'm a big fan of old matches, these "little treasures" that you're sharing with us...thank you!!
vatreni ME 6 years ago 0
You welcome raylight. I added more older vball movies, and they waiting for acceptation
raylight BG 6 years ago 0
Thank you for your work on this site, vatreni, your videos are very educational to me
vatreni ME 6 years ago +4
Thanx man, always at service
HCLT BR 6 years ago +6
A team from Albania? Forget Cameroon, I have new standards. I never thought that I’d see an Albanian team. Not kidding. I just shared this YouTube video with my friends. So cool!

Vatreni, you’re my new idol. If you ever need booze, money, travel tips, call me.

Because of this video you brought us, I found some rare Albanian vball footage from the sixties. Yeah, over 40 years ago! You’re the king, Vatreni!
vatreni ME 6 years ago 0
leardfazliu123 MK 6 years ago 0
Dinamo Tirana - albania

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