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Peter Diviš
Slovakian spiker: Peter Diviš was one of the best volleyball players in the Europe in the beggining of the XXI century. He had won the Champions League 2004/05 with the French Tours VB. In that movie you can watch his g…  15265  19
Michal Masny
First setter of Slovakian national team who became very popular in Poland during his first season in Plusliga. He was revelation of that tournament, such as his team Płomień Sosnowiec, which was named a black horse of …  7696  16
Lukas Divis in Club World Championship 2013
Spikes of Slovakian Lucas Divis, the main Outside Hitter of Russian Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. He plays there for the three years. He didn't play well in reception in that tournament, he had only 31.9% efficiency (and was on…  1465  0
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