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TOP5 actions of Champions League 2014/15 2nd week
Amazing actions on the net of the second round of this competition. Lukas Tichacek set without block to Piotr Nowakowski, Wilfredo Leon strong shot, Patryk Czarnowski perfect block and amazing play by two setters: Valeri…  983  0
Mariusz Wlazły huge block on Alexey Spiridonov
There is next spectacular video from World Championship 2014 in Poland. Huge block by Mariusz Wlazły on the Alexey Spiridonov. Mariusz was the best scorer of that 5-set game with 28 points. After drawing for the third …  1714  2
Long rally (Poland - France)
Action from match in the World Championships 204 in Poland, we see here great digs from both side (N'Gapeth, Grebennikov and Zatorski) and amazing diagonally spike into 2nd meter by MVP of that tournament: Mariusz Wlazł…  1079  0
Paweł Zagumny and Piotr Nowakowski great action
Look what they did in match against Argentina, which Polish national team won without loosing sets! Poland team were well prepared for the match against Argentina and succeeded in their game strategy as they were able t…  1170  1
Facundo Conte reception and huge spike
Powerful spike on the third meter by Argentinian national wing-spiker Facundo Conte. He has become well-known for such plays in World Champs. 2014. France asserted its dominance over Argentina 3:1 (20:25, 25:17, 29:27, 2…  1242  1
Piotr Nowakowski huge single block (Poland - France)
Look at his great 1st meter block on Earvin N'Gapeth. Piotr Nowakowski scored 23 blocks in that tournament. He took 7th place among best blockers ranking. Both teams entered the court with a secured third round place aft…  1591  0
Bruno Rezende set by dig
Let's see how to set the ball by dig to the wing. It was set to the Wallace De Souza. It seems to be impossible but they get a point by that play. Brazil won against Canada 3:0 after a very tough match. On the press con…  1342  2
Like a V.Grbić (Fabian Drzyzga amazing action)
Every Polish volleyball fan should see it. Fabian Drzyga showed a fighting spirit. He back on the playground and blocked Kevin Tille. Both teams entered the court with a secured third round place after USA’s defeat aga…  1404  1
Earvin N'Gapeth technical play
French star showed some of his possibilities. That was completly unpredictable for Puerto Rico. It proves that all movies with Eearvin N'Gapeth on Volleyball-Movies are just incredible! After season spend in Kuzbass Keme…  1480  1
Georg Grozer - best server of World Championships 2014
Compilation of all ace serves by Georg Grozer in World Championships 2014. Georg was warmly welcomed by Polish fans in the first match of German team in that tournament in Spodek. Georg had great season in Russia and now…  1403  3
Lucas Saatkamp 2nd meter spike
Bruno-Lucas duo was Brazil effective weapon for many teams in World Championships 2014. They played together in RJX Rio de Janeiro so they know each other very well.  1469  2
Dmitriy Ilinykh 2nd meter spike
Diagonally spike into 2nd meter by player of the best club in the Europe. After Moroz injury and few fails in attack by Muserskiy, Dmitriy played as spiker in first match against Brazil (in Spodek). After defeat with Pol…  1347  1
Earvin N'Gapeth 2nd meter spike
France took revenge for defeat in World League 2014 and won over Australia in four sets. Earvin played in just few matches in World League 2014 cause of problems with his shoulder. After season spend in Kuzbass Kemerovo …  2820  1
Georg Grozer serve 131 km/h
Legendary 131 km/h shot by Georg Grozer on the serve during semi-final match in World Championships 2014. Probably record of that tournament. Polish libero Paweł Zatorski received that ball well. Some volleyball fans th…  1960  3
Mory Sidibe huge spike from 2nd line
Impressive shot of Mory Sidibe supported by French Paris Volley fans in Spodek. After winning two first sets France was sure about playing in Final Four. Second team of France entered the court and Iran won two sets. In …  3188  3
Aleksandar Atansijević serve 121 km/h
Huge shot of Serbian star in match against USA in the second round of World Championships 2014. Aleksandar played his best season in Italian Serie A. In match against USA he had 51% efficiency in attack and he was 6th am…  688  1
Raphael de Oliveira 2nd meter spike
Do you remember powerful spike by French setter Pierre Pujol? There is similar action made by Brazilian setter: Raphael De Oliveira eight years later. This action shows his posibilities on the net. Look at spike on the …  1980  2
Mariusz Wlazły serves 121 km/h, 121 km/h and 122 km/h
This actions shows his class. He served 4 aces in match with Argentina, which Polish national team won without loosing sets. Speed of balls: 1st: 121 km/h, 2nd: 121 km/h, 3rd: 122 km/h. Facundo Conte and libero Sebasti…  1655  1
Earvin N'Gapeth leg dig (France - Germany)
"Fight till the end" - Way to stay in the play! Incredible save of wing-spiker of French national team in World Championships 2014. Earvin N'Gapeth showed a fighting spirit. That were matches full of plays like that. Hi…  1301  1
Benjamin Toniutti fantastic set (Poland - France)
Excellent set without block by Benjamin Toniutti to Antonin Rouzier. Both teams entered the court with a secured third round place after USA’s defeat against Argentina. Even though both teams were already qualified for…  1915  2
Taylor Sander pipe (Australia - USA)
Sample of the posibilities of rising star: Taylor Sander. He has just 22 years old. Taylor has really flexible arm what he proved in that tournament. USA won that game in three sets (25:15, 25:19, 25:20). His team was el…  1648  1
Bruno Rezende and Lucas Saatkamp great actions
One of great plays presented by duo Bruno Rezende and Lucas Saatkamp in World Championships 2014. The last game of day 5 in Group B ended with three sets Brazil’s victory (25:18, 25:10, 25:17). Canarinhos won their se…  2002  1
Earvin N'Gapeth serve 121 km/h
Wing-spiker of France national team was a real star of World Champs 2014, a lot of time his serves have over 120 km/h. Earvin N'Gapeth scored 19 aces in that tournament. He took 4th place among best servers ranking. In m…  1449  1
Funny situation (Argentina - Iran)
There is a lot of situations like that but not in that level. Short shot from match between Argentina and Iran at Łuczniczka Hall in World Championships 2014. You can see Javier Filardi and Martin Ramos from Argentina i…  1672  1
Best actions: Vero Volley Monza - CMC Ravenna
Movie presenting the most spectacular actions from Saturday's game between Vero Volley Monza and CMC Ravenna. See nice actions of Renan Zanatta, Stefano Mengozzi, Wang Chen and Iacopo Botto. Black horse of Serie A: CMC …  1100  0
Best players of Champions League 2014/15 1st week
Movie presenting the best players in the first round of Champions League 2014/15. Amazing actions performed by Michele Baranowicz, Marien Moreau, Wilfredo Leon, Facundo Conte, Kemal Kayhan, Dmitriy Muserskiy and Lucas P…  2631  0
TOP5 actions of Champions League 2014/15 1st week
CEV has posted on its official YouTube Channel the five best actions on the net of the first round of this competition. Players had great technique and their spikes are collected in one movie. Tomas Kmet showed his class…  2205  0
Long rally actions (Champions League 2014/15, 1st week)
TOP5 most amazing rallies in the first round of Champions League 2014/15. You could see there Kemal Kayhan spike from the middle, efficiency of Oliver Venno in attack, amazing digs by libero Martin Krystof. Matias Rayma…  1334  0
Giacomo Sintini nice action
Giacomo Sintini showed a fighting spirit. This action shows his posibilities in the defence and he later returned on the playground and blocked Matteo Paoletti. Former setter of Italian national team announced on 13th J…  1028  0
Woman hurt bigger man
Woman hurt bigger man in amateur league in Nowa Sól (Poland). Middle blocker wanted block, but up failed.  628  3
The best tips in World Championships 2014
It's top level of volleyball. That kind of tip is hard to predict. In some situations middle-blockers are waiting for regular set. Actions performed by Bruno Rezende, Sergey Grankin, Yoann Jaumel, Lukas Kampa, Saied Mar…  2911  0
Taylor Sander fantastic set
Taylor Sander style of play. That was completly unpredictable for Revivre Milano. He is setter No. 2 on the playground. Also wing-spiker Sam Deroo believed in his teammate and was sure that he will set to him. Belgian pl…  2123  0
Manuelle Coscione great set (Macerata - Verona)
Manuelle Coscione, setter of Verona, had his show in the first round of the Italian Championship 2014/15. In a game against Lube Banca Macerata, Coscione made an unbelievable play! He had to go under the net on the riva…  1832  0
Fabio Balaso leg dig (Trentino Volley - Tonazzo Padova)
Incredible save of Fabio Balaso in yesterday's game between Trentino Volley and Tonazzo Padova. There was opening match of Serie A 2014/15. It was easy game for Trentino, they have won it in three sets (25:19, 25:15, 25:…  841  0
Sam Deroo spectacular dig
In a friendly match Modena has defeated Verona 3:2 (20:25, 25:22, 28:26, 15:25, 15:13), but this game will stay remembered by one spectacular move. Sam Deroo (he scored 11 points of that game), player of Calzedonia Ver…  1806  0
Brazil - Poland (long rally)
Both teams showed determination in defense. Great digs presented by Fabian Drzyzga, Bruno Rezende and Paweł Zatorski. Mariusz Wlazły (MVP of World Champs 2014) ended this action. Poland dethroned Brazil as monarchs of …  874  0
TOP5 best spikes (Plusliga 2013/14)
Movie presenting the most spectacular attacks from Polish Plusliga. Which one is your favorite? Players had great technique and their spikes looks impressive, but only one of them was in TOP10 best spikers of Plusliga 2…  3751  1
The best single blocks in World Championships 2014
You must see it! Great and very fast work in the block by Sidao, Teodor Todorov, Chunlong Liang, Jingtao Xu, Franck Lafitte, Armin Tashakori, Emanuele Birarelli and Dmitriy Muserskiy. French Franck Lafitte used only on…  2975  0
Taylor Sander powerful spike
Strong spike by MVP of World League 2014 and new star of senior volleyball. Taylor has really flexible arm what he proved in that tournament. Unfortunately few minutes before that action Ivan Zaytsev twisted his ankle an…  3347  0

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