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Nicolas Uriarte fantastic set (Jastrzębie - Skra)

Sample of Nicolas Uriarte's skills presented in Polish league match against Jastrzębski Węgiel. Mariusz Wlazły on the clean net could do what he want. He spiked in third meter. After win in 3rd match of semi-final aga…  718  1
Simon Aties 3rd meter spike (Piacenza - Perugia)

You must see it !!! Amazing action: Luciano De Cecco and Simon Aties. Huge spike by Cuban player in match between Copra Piacenza and Sir Safety Perugia. He had 79% in attack and he scored 20 points in that match. Actuall…  2854  3
Luciano De Cecco fantastic set (Piacenza - Perugia)

Next great action by the couple Luciano De Cecco and Simon Aties. It proves that all movies with Luciano and Robertlandy on Volleyball-Movies are just incredible. Copra won that game in tie-break. Just like the second s…  1711  1
Luca Vettori headshot (Copra - Trentino)

Headshot on middle-blocker presented by 22 years old Luca Vettori in the semi-final of Italian Cup 2014. In the next day he got a headshot from Aleksandar Atanasijević. Luca Vettori was the best scorer of semi-final aga…  987  0
Mikko Esko nice set (Skra - Nizhny Novgorod)

Mikko showed his skills in the beggining of semi-final of CEV Cup 2013/14 against Skra Bełchatów. He completely lost Skra's blockers and cleaned net for Nikolay Pavlov. Nizhny Novgorod won both matches in tie-break and…  1066  0
Long rally (Kędzierzyn-Koźle - Resovia Rzeszów)

Great action, probably the best in this season of Polish League, both teams showed determination in defense. Great digs presented by Zagumny, Penchev and Ignaczak. Kędzierzyn-Koźle was leading 2:0 in that match and the…  1422  3
Dick Kooy dynamic pipe (Resovia - Kędzierzyn-Koźle)

So many players in the air and nobody knows who will hit the ball. Amazing action by Dutch player Dick Kooy in semi-final match between Resovia and Kędzierzyn-Koźle. He scored in this match 21 points, including 19 spik…  1250  1
Mariusz Wlazły headshot (Bełchatów - Jastrzębie)

Mariusz Wlazły power! 2nd semi-final match of Plusliga 2013/14 between Skra Bełchatów and Jastrzębski Węgiel. Michał Kubiak had no chance to defence this ball. Mariusz Wlazły was the best scorer of that 3-set game…  2488  2
Luciano De Cecco fantastic set (Perugia - Piacenza)

Is it impossible to play first tempo, when reception is on third meter? Not for this Argentinian player! Luciano De Cecco once again showed his amazing skills. In this action we see how on a high level Luciano De Cecco …  1977  0
Nemanja Petrić 2nd meter spike

Do you remember powerful spike by Bartosz Kurek during European Championships 2009 ? ;-) Serbian Nemanja Petrić receives a tight set but comes up with an incredibly sharp angle cut shot, directing the ball across the c…  1461  0
Luciano De Cecco one hand set to Simon Aties

One of great plays presented by duo De Cecco - Simon in this season. Copra Piacenza lost surprisingly easy in play-off's without winning any set. Few weeks later Piacenza won Italian Cup and they won ticket to the next e…  1752  1
Attack from 8m by Ivan Miljkovic (Fenerbahce - Nantes)

Spike of 34 years old Ivan Miljković in semi-final of Challenge Cup 2013/14. Fenerbahce won both matches and advanced to the final with Andreoli Latina. Then they won it scoring their first trophy in European Cups. Ivan…  2271  0
Goran Vujević nice set (Perugia - Cuneo)

Nice set presented by 40 years old olympic champion Goran Vujević. Despite his age and personal problems he is good enough to play in the Serie A. His team is a black horse of season 2013/14. They ended regular season o…  509  2
Felipe Fonteles vs Dario Simoni

Rude behaviour presented by one of the heros of that night: Felipe Fonteles. His reaction is probably answer for a situation in the third set (20:15 for Fenerbahce), you could see it on that video on 1:20:07: http://www.…  2401  0
Bruno Rezende two great actions (Trentino - Modena)

Amazing plays by Brazilian player Bruno Rezende from 1st play-off quarter-final with Trentino, especially 2nd action is worth to see :) Modena was 5th in the regular season and Trentino was 4th. They compete with each ot…  2747  3
Best actions in Champions League 2013/14 Final Four

Only best actions by players like: Grozer, Muserskiy, Tetyukhin, Juantorena, Kaziyski, Mikhaylov, Grbić, Anderson, Łasko, Kubiak, Masny and many others. Final tournament was played at the world class level, and the win…  2909  5
Andrea Bari leg dig (Ravenna - Macerata)

Way to stay in the play! Andrea Bari showed his football skills ;-) That was game from Serie A between CMC Ravenna and Lube Banca Macerata. Ravenna won that action and whole match 3:2, but now they are just on the 9th pl…  1176  0
Aleksey Karpenko and Dmitry Kovalev huge blocks

Great and very fast work in the block by Aleksey Karpenko and Dmitry Kovalev. That was match of the 16th round of Russian Superliga 2013/14. Karpenko scored 12 points, including 2 points by a block. Kovalev scored 12 p…  1426  0
Aleksandar Atanasijević headshot

Very furious attack of new spiker of Sir Safety Perugia, Aleksandar Atanasijević. Look at the powerful spike on the head of Luca Vettori in match Copra Piacenza - Sir Safety Perugia. Match was watched live at "PalaDozza…  2726  1
Atanasijević 9 points in tie-break (Perugia - Macerata)

The future of Serbian volleyball: Aleksandar Atanasijević played amazing match in semi-final of the Italian Cup 2014. He scored 9 points in tie-break! Thanks to his great play Sir Safety Perugia won it 3:2. Aleksandar …  2191  0
Mariusz Wlazły great technical play

Mariusz Wlazły show this action that he's very comprehensive player, attack from match between Skra Bełchatów and Nizhny Novgorod. That was CEV Cup 2013/14 match at full "Energia" hall (there was 2700 fans) in Bełcha…  2740  1
Karol Kłos huge block on Stéphane Alpha

You must see it! Huge block by Karol Kłos in the 2nd round of the Junior World Championship 2009. He was the best blocker of that match with four blocks. Karol scored 15 points, including 3 aces. He had 39% efficiency i…  2945  0
Alessandro Lunardini and Andrea Hueller unbelievable digs

Take a look at this video where you will see what means “fight for every ball”. There is next movie showing fighting spirit in fourth Italian League. Italian team Fresko Volley is just on the 8th place in the table o…  2439  0
Wallace de Souza 2nd meter spike (Sada - UPCN)

Powerful spike on the second meter by Brazilian national spiker Wallace de Souza. Sada Cruzeiro Volei is the champion of the South American Club Championship 2014. Brazilian team won against UPCN Voley Club in tie-break …  4462  3
Funny situation in AVCA 2014

Watch this amazing clip as the player break the whole row of chairs. Just no comments :P  1905  0
Hristo Zlatanov 9000th point in Italian League

Hristo Zlatanov is the first man who scored 9000 point in the Italian League (including Play-off and Italian Cup). He was born in Bulgaria, but he spent all of his career in Italy. He started playing in Serie A in 1993. …  2245  2
Facundo Conte 3rd meter spike (Skra - VfB)

Facundo Conte 3rd meter spike in match Skra Bełchatów vs VfB Friedrichshafen. In this match Skra was down 0-1 and 17-22 in the second set, but they have made an amazing comeback, turned this set and whole match around,…  3807  4
Facundo Conte & Nicolas Uriarte great action

Next great action by Argentinian duo in Skra Bełchatów: Facundo Conte and Nicolas Uriarte in the match against AZS Politechnika Warszawska. Skra won this match in three sets in front of 4000 fans of capital of Poland. …  2525  0
Michal Masny leg set

Michal showed his reflex and he set the ball to the second line to MVP of that match Michał Kubiak. Michal joined Jastrzębski Węgiel before the season. He left revelation of previous season of Plusliga: Delecta Bydgos…  2247  1
Spiking with Go Pro

Berlin Volley filmed volleyball spikes from their training with Go Pro camera on the head of the setter. Watch results!  3641  0
6-person block strategy

There was quadruple block on Volleyball-Movies.net made by players of Arago de Sète in French PRO A 2011/12 and now you could see block made by whole Konstantin Ushakov's team. Russians made the same funny show like in …  4287  1
Facundo Conte huge block on Grzegorz Bociek

Huge block by star of Argentinian volleyball and new player of Skra Bełchatów. Look at his great 1st meter block on Grzegorz Bociek in 17th round of Plusliga 2013/14. Bociek had no chance in this attack to get the poin…  4009  4
Luciano De Cecco and Denis Kaliberda great action

Just no words. You must see it! It proves that all movies with Luciano De Cecco and Denis Kaliberda on Volleyball-Movies are just incredible. Look what they did yesterday in Champions League's match against Zenit Kazan. …  4576  3
Long rally: Bre Banca Cuneo - Exprivia Molfetta

Nice rally from the Italian Serie A 2013/14 match between Bre Banca Cuneo and Exprivia Molfetta. Action with the participation of players like: Oleg Antonov, Javier Gonzalez, Albero Casadei and Giorgio De Togni. Antonov …  1537  0
Todor Skrimov in match Latina - Cuneo

Nice actions from game between Andreoli Latina and Bre Banca Cuneo performed by Todor Skrimov. Bulgarian player scored 22 points in 4 sets with 66% efficiency in attack. His team lost game in tie-break. He replaced Jer…  1558  7
One-hand sets show in match Skra - Kędzierzyn

Do you remember fantastic one hand set by Uriarte in match Bełchatów - Olsztyn? In match Skra-Zaksa, we could admire really fantastic show. 4 sets by Uriarte and 1 made by Zagumny.  1947  0
Mariusz Wlazły 3 aces in a row (Skra - Czarni)

Mariusz returned to his proper position in this season and now he is the best scorer of Plusliga with 268 points, the best server with 34 aces (average 0,57 per set) and the best spiker with 207 points in attack. "We are…  1498  3
Michał Kubiak huge block on Michał Kamiński

Huge block by Michał Kubiak in the 2nd match of regular season vs Częstochowa. He had 55% efficiency in attack (11 points) and he scored 2 points. In the inaugural round of Plusliga 2013/14 Jastrzębie unexpectedly los…  2421  0
Andrzej Wrona 3rd meter spike

Amazing spike of new middle-blocker of Skra, Andrzej Wrona. In last season he played in Delecta Bydgoszcz, revelation of Plusliga 2012/13. But after season there was "Partition of Bydgoszcz". The best players left team (…  1639  0

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