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Long rally (Skra Bełchatów - Kędzierzyn Koźle)
Skra Bełchatów advanced to the semi-final of Plusliga 2014/15. It was a great volleyball night in Bełchatów. There was 2700 fans on that match in "Energia" Hall. Skra won that game in three sets. On the court played …  912  1
The best one-hand blocks
Compilation with the greatest blocks performed by Maxwell Holt, Pierre Pujol, Douglas Cordeiro, Karol Kłos, Georgi Bratoev and Todor Aleksiev. They used only one hand in the block. Highlights from World League 2007-2014…  1019  2
 The best tips in French PRO A (21st round regular season)
The best setters from the French PRO A 2014/15, using their skills to carry out their team the during 21st round in the regular season. That kind of tip is hard to predict. In some situations middle-blockers are waiting …  1067  0
Facundo Conte 3 aces in a row
Yesterday's match played in Polish Plusliga 2014/15. Facundo Conte showed his best aces in that tournament. He started at 14:7 and ended on 17:7 for Skra. The Polish champions, Skra Bełchatów, showed its class in the f…  1376  0
Marcin Możdżonek vs Dmitriy Muserskiy
See nice duel on the net between two great middle-blockers: Marcin Możdżonek vs. Dmitriy Muserskiy. He has become well-known for such plays in the whole carrer of Polish national team. In 2012-2014 played for Kędzierz…  1496  0
Leonardo Leyva Martinez funny serve
Sometimes you have to go full and take risk on serve. Leandro born in 1990 started his career like most of Cuban superstars in Ciudad Habana. He played in Junior World Championships 2009 winning silver medal with Cuban n…  1022  0
Valentin Bratoev funny short serve
Valentin Bratoev, Bulgarian wing spiker of GFC Ajaccio served a little bit weirdly during the game Narbonne - Ajaccio, 21st round of French Pro A. He probably wanted to serve short...  358  0
Kim Hyeon-Su funny serve
Korean commentator said that could be record of that hall. But, luckily for him, his Rush & Cash played against the last team (Asan Woori Card Hansae) in Korean V-League for that moment. They won that game in three sets.…  1533  2
Tsvetan Sokolov headshot
Huge shot on the Georg Grozer face! Tsvetan was the best scorer of that 5-set game. He scored 24 points (3 aces and 4 blocks). He won his competition with Georg Grozer (spiker of Belogorie Belgorod), because he had just …  1583  0
Best players of Champions League 2014/15 (1/12 - 2nd match)
Movie showing stars from the the Champions League in this week. Sample of the posibilities of Fabian Drzyzga from Resovia Rzeszów. Tsvetan Sokolov totally crashed Russian Belogorie Belgorod in the golden set. See huge…  1753  1
TOP5 actions of Champions League 2014/15 (1/12 - 2nd match)
In this week of Champions League was full of amazing actions like: Andrei Laza and Alen Pajenk spikes from the middle, left-hand spike of Simon Tischer in match Resovia Rzeszów vs. VfB Fredrichshafen, huge block by Dmit…  1691  0
Long rally actions (Champions League, 1/12 - 2nd match)
It is movie from the Champions League 2014/15. See nice duel on the net between two great middle-blockers: Marcin Możdżonek vs. Dmitriy Muserskiy. Russian Maxim Mikhaylov in the defence, what you could see on the movi…  1120  1
Jastrzębski Węgiel amazing action
This will probably be the best defensive play of the Champions League 2014/15. Players of Jastrzębski performed really an unbelievable save in the game against Sir Safety Perugia. Guillaume Quesque showed his class. In …  1918  1
TOP10 Best Volleyball Blocks
Masterpiece!!! You have to see this movie. We must show the world that Volleyball isn't worse than Football, Basketball or Hockey ;-) "Special thanks to my Girlfriend for help in choosing song", said vtnklmdc, the most r…  2620  4
Jose Trefle single block on Keith Pupart
Next spectacular video from the French PRO A 2014/15. Jose Trefle showed a fighting spirit. He was the best blocker of that match with 6 blocks. The hosts won in the first set 25:23 (54% efficiency in attack). In the nex…  1557  0
Philippe Tuitoga huge block on Ivan Raić
Middle-blocker of Spacer's de Toulouse, Philippe Tuitoga played the game against Arago de Sète as opposite. Check out how fast that ball was stuffed to the floor. Philippe Tuitoga scored 15 points, including 2 points b…  1313  0
Toafa Takaniko funny serve
Strooong serve from the French PRO A. Look what he did in match Toulouse vs. Arago de Sète. Sometimes you have to go full and take risk on serve. Setter (Toafa Takaniko) came to Arago de Sète in 2013. He is in the best…  1399  0
Long rally actions (Champions League, 1/12 - 1st match)
There is next movie showing fighting spirit in the Champions League 2014/15. That actions was full of amazing spikes. Let's see such players like: Evgeny Sivozhelez, Nikolay Penchev, Facundo Conte, Georg Grozer and Aleks…  1192  2
Tsvetan Sokolov ace serve
Even Sergey Tetyukhin (considered as the best wing-spiker in the world) couldn't receive his bomb. Tsvetan played great also in the attack. He scored 18 points and had 48% efficiency in attack. Bulgarian player currently…  2301  5
Lukas Divis funny serve
Funny serve from the battle between Tomis Constanta and Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. Lukas Divis said: "Maybe it seemed like an easy victory, but we worked hard for it. We made the difference with the serving, which is an imp…  1650  2
Osmany Juantorena in match Ankara - Belgorod
Osmany Juantorena totally crashed Belogorie Belgorod. He got 35 balls and he finished 17 of them (49% in attack). Halkbank won whole match despite loosing second set. Before that match Halkbank haven't lost any game in…  1268  0
Leonardo Leyva Martinez vs Robertlandy Simon Aties
Another huge block in Korean V-League. This time duel between two players from Cuba: Leonardo Leyva Martinez vs. Robertlandy Simon Aties. He didn't give any chance of a successful spike by the Simon Aties, who is the bes…  2977  10
TOP5 actions of Champions League 2014/15 (1/12 - 1st match)
Huge spikes of Champions League 2014/15 in last week. The biggest volleyball stars in action: Wilfredo Leon, Sergey Tetyukhin and Oerol Camejo. Their spikes looks impressive. Which spike you like the most ?  1509  0
Best players of Champions League 2014/15 (1/12 - 1st match)
Osmany Juantorena is the big star of this week in Champions League. His phenomenal performance for Turkey’s Halkbank Ankara, contributing to a great victory over the Belogorie Belgorod from Russia. The magnificent seve…  1041  0
Bruno Rezende's fantastic foot set
Do you remember De Cecco's impossible no-look middle set to Simon? Well, this one shows why he and Bruno are considered the best setters in the world: impressive ball control. Bruninho attempted even more, serving a fast…  4206  7
TOP10 Best Volleyball Aces over 120 km/h
The best servers in the world in actions. Speed of all serves was above 120 km/h. Wlazły, Muserskiy, Savani, Bociek, Sokolov, Grozer, Leal and Kaziyski could win matches alone. Everything in great montage made by vtnklm…  2868  6
Long rally (RJX Rio de Janeiro - Sesi São Paulo)
This game decided who will advance to the semi-final of Brazilian Superliga 2011/12. The team from Rio de Janeiro beat Sesi São Paulo and secured a place in the decision with two wins in the confrontation. You just have…  1071  2
Nikolay Apalikov vs Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (4 aces)
Four ace serves by Russian middle-blocker Nikolay Apalikov in match against Lokomotiv Novosibirsk in Russian Superliga 2014/15. He was the best server in that game. Apalikov's serves was too strong and to hard to receive…  1011  1
Joandry Leal  serve 128 km/h
That serve is unofficial speed record of Brazilian Superliga. In the game between Sada Cruzeiro and Maringa, Yoandy Leal's serve was flying at the speed of 128,4 km/h!!! Cuban player was choosen for MVP of that match aga…  1992  3
Osmany Juantorena pipe attack
Osmany Juantorena is regarded as one of the best "piper" in the volleyball history. He finished game against Sir Safety Perugia with 21 points, including two aces and one block. Osmany finished 18 of 29 balls in attack. …  2379  3
Long rally (Halbank Ankara - Sir Safety Perugia)
Great play presented by duo Michał Kubiak and Tsvetan Sokolov. Amazing action from the last elimination round of Champions League 2014/15. Both teams are already qualified for quarter-finals before this game. In the nex…  1532  3
Belogorie Belgorod blocks vs. Oreol Camejo
Team coached by Gennady Shipulin didn't give any chance of a successful spike by the Cuban wing-spiker Oreol Camejo. Belogorie team lost 1:3 but they showed few amazing actions like this one. That was game from semi-fina…  1841  2
Leonardo Leyva Martinez spectacular block
There is next spectacular video from Korean V-League. Ball hit the ground faster then French Kevin Le Roux. In this match there was a lot of great action like this. Cuban Leonardo Leyva is a player of Samsung Bluefangs s…  2974  3
Matey Kaziyski high-reach (390cm)
This is a new record in vertical jump. Matey Kaziyski showed that he can jump really, really high (he reached 390cm in this video). He had 379cm but 10 years ago. When was young he trained different sports like football,…  4981  12
Saeed Faraj leg set
51-years old setter showed his reflex and he set the ball to the first line to Saeed Faraj who scored 14 points in that match. That was battle between Police SC and Shamal in the first round of the Qatar League 2014/15.…  1197  2
TOP10 Best Volleyball Digs
Ready!!! The most memorized actions in the history of volleyball. The best digs collected in one movie. Every volleyball fan should see it. vtnklmdc is the most revered movie creator on Volleyball-Movies.  2035  0
Robertlandy Simon Aties 3rd meter spike
Impressive shot of Robertlandy Simon Aties. Cuban volleyball star is currently playing in South Korea for Rush & Cash. Now he was lucky because before the other teams always have two or three blockers on him ;-)  2866  3
Like a Earvin N'Gapeth (Piotr Ilewicz spike)
An impressive spike in the Polish Second League, very similar to the one that Earvin N'Gapeth presented in match against Lube Banca Macerata. There is similar action made by Polish wing-spiker: Piotr Ilewicz. In match MO…  4333  6
Volleyball Digs (2nd movie)
Movie showing some incredible volleyball saves at the highest volleyball level. In the movie you see digs and saves from great players like: Ivan Zaytsev, Fabiana de Oliveira, Alexander Sokolov and many more players. Vid…  1770  1

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