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Long rally (Poland - Brazil)
40 seconds rally in match between Poland and Brazil in Łódź. Spike of Mariusz Wlazły ended this action. See how many Polish fans was at "Atlas Arena". Long actions in that game showed that it was show on the highest …  1445  1
Alexey Spiridonov shots to the Polish fans
Polish fans plays against Russian national team starting from their first match, so now Alexey returned them the favor. Polish aversion to the Russian NT is caused by political situation in the Ukraine. After drawing for…  1809  0
Georg Grozer vs Bulgaria (8 aces)
Georg Grozer won that match for German national team! Grozer scored eight aces in four sets in match against Bulgaria. He was their real killer. Everybody is shaking when he has to serve. Todor Aleksiev, Nikolay Penchev …  2710  3
Bruno Rezende in match Brazil - Canada
Amazing actions of Bruno Rezende in yesterday's match against Canada. He is 28 years old and is first setter of Brazil national team. Bruno scored 4 points for Brazil NT. His team showed domination and strength in serve …  1303  0
Long rally (Brazil - Canada)
Great action, probably the best in World Champs 2014. Both teams showed determination in defense. Great digs presented by Canadian libero Daniel Lewis. After a thrilling ending and astonishing defences, the third set was…  1079  0
Pavel Moroz dig on the journalist's table
Pavel Moroz never gives up! You have to give applause to Pavel Moroz for this move ;-) See also powerful spike by Cuban Javier Scull. Olympic champions Russia defeated Cuba in four sets (25:18, 23:25, 25:15, 25:19). The…  1295  0
Ricardo Lucarelli serves in World Championship 2014
Strong hits of Ricardo in World Champs 2014. Brazil played all matches in Spodek hall. Ricardo is on the third position among best servers at the moment.  778  0
Lucas Saatkamp in World Championship 2014
Strong serves and hits of Brazilian middle blocker in World Championship 2014. Lucas isn't high in individual statistics. Now Brazil is on the straight way to play in the third round of World Champs. In Sunday they will …  575  0
Micah Christenson great set (Poland - USA)
Smart set without block performed by 21 year old setter: Micah Christenson. He plays in American University League in USC Trojans. In match against Poland he played great with the middle Max Holt. After match against Ita…  1223  0
Long rally (USA - France)
Both teams showed their best in the penultimate match in the death D group of World Championships 2014. There was 14100 fans on that match in Kraków Arena. French Spiker Antonin Rouzier played nice in that game and he s…  1638  2
Cameroon's block celebration
What a team! This block celebration is contagious :D! They love volleyball and the experience of playing in the World Championships 2014. They showed their spirit for the first time in previous World Champs in Italy.  2958  3
Alexander Abrosimov great reflex
Alexander presents great reflex during a game. This kind of play surprised players of Lokomotiv Novosibirsk. Alexander Abrosimov became the fifth player in the history of the Zenit, that has reached the milestone of 200 …  2654  0
Mohammad Mousavi in World League 2014
The Iranian Mohammad Mousavi with his spectacular actions in the World League 2014. Speed ​​and power are its main characteristics. After all of the speculation about Mousavi's future, one thing is certain, he is muc…  2106  3
Nikolay Penchev serve vs Russia
Nikolay Penchev showed his best serves. He started at 6:12 and ended on 11:12 for Russia. Everybody is shaking when he has to serve. Russia won both matches with "Bulgaria B" (3:1 and 3:0). Bulgaria played without five i…  1380  1
Bulgaria digs (Bulgaria - Russia)
Movie contains moments from game between Bulgaria and Russia. Bulgarian youth may had trouble with setting and spiking, but they defended like Spartans the powerful spikes of Russian National Team, especially Nikolay Pe…  918  2
Sergey Grankin one-hand set
Sergey Grankin shows that he's a great setter. Action from match in the World League 2014 Intercontinental round. Russia won both matches with "Bulgaria B" (3:1 and 3:0). Russia coach Andrey Voronkov said: "I'd like to t…  1699  0
Acrobatic volleyball passing by Lauri Kerminen
Finnish libero Lauri Kerminen (Kokkolan Tiikerit) shows how to do passing in acrobatic style in a match against Raision Loimu in Kerttulan liikuntahalli.  2313  1
Top 10 Aces of Zenit Kazan 2013/14
Thanks to Zenit’s video team, we present you some of the best aces from very exciting matches in season 2013/14. You must see this! Libero Alexey Verbov as a wing-spiker (0:48) and look at his serves. See winning ace b…  1200  0
Tsvetan Sokolov huge serve (Bulgaria - Russia)
Next huge serve by Bulgarian player Tsvetan Sokolov. Dmitriy Ilinykh felt the pain in his hand from this ace. Bulgarian team lost both games with Russia (1:3 and 0:3). Captain Tsvetan Sokolov said: "It was an emotionally…  1542  0
Challenge system during match USA - Brazil
In the past few years, the Challenge System was implemented by the FIVB to assist in correctly determining calls. Here's an example of the importance of this system. In the Gold Medal Final between the USA and Brazil, ju…  952  0
Matey Kaziyski serve 132km/h
According to article released in 2012 by FIVB serve by Bulgarian player Matey Kaziyski was flying at speed of 132 km/h. That serve is unofficial speed record in the world! Italian Cup 2010: Battle between Trentino Volley…  5809  1
Amir Ghafour 2 aces in a row (Iran - Italy)
Iranian spiker Amir Ghafour converts result from 19:16 to 19:18. You can see the potential of this 22-year old spiker from Iran in this tournament. He was best scorer of that tournament with 71 points (67 spikes, 2 block…  1286  1
Best actions: USA - Brazil
The most interesting actions from the final of the World League 2014 collected in one movie. "Right after the game I decided to make this movie becouse there was a lot of great actions. I worked all night for volleyball-…  6628  2
Maxwell Holt one-hand block
Maxwell Holt used only one hand in the block and blocked strong shot of Lucas Saatkamp (209cm) in yesterday's match against Brazil of the World League 2014. He took 5th place among best blockers ranking. Holt was born o…  1556  2
Garrett Muagututia great dig (USA - Brazil)
Garrett Muagututia showed his skills in defence and Taylor Sander showed his class on the triple block! For the second time in history USA has won the World League. They defeat Brazil 3:1 (31:29, 21:25, 25:20, 25:23) to …  1042  1
Tsvetan Sokolov spike on the triple block
Tsvetan Sokolov showed his class on the triple block in match against Russia. Great action from the World League 2014 Intercontinental round. He was the best player in that game with 19 points! Sokolov finished 14 of 41 …  678  2
Ivan Zaytsev amazing dig
Ivan Zaytsev showed how to fight till the end. This action shows his class. In match against Brazil, Ivan didn't helped the team like he always do this, he scored only 9 points. Italy will play with Iran in the bronze me…  1929  1
Bruno Rezende fantastic set (Brazil - Italy)
Is it impossible to play first tempo, when reception is on fifth meter? Not for this Brazilian player! Bruno Rezende once again showed his amazing skills. This time he played fantastic action with Lucas Saatkamp. Brazili…  1847  2
Alexey Spiridonov old school attack (Russia - Brazil)
Let's go old school for a moment! Checkout Spiridonov's roundhouse kill over the block to get Russia for the technical timeout. Did you ever seen that kind of spike? Brazil eventually won the match to snap their four-mat…  2292  0
Top 10 Blocks of Zenit Kazan 2013/14
The best blocks from very exciting matches in season 2013/14. Highlights of Russian Superliga, Champions League, Russian Cup and Russian All-Star Game. Zenit Kazan won the Russian League. It is the sixth national title i…  789  0
Thomas Edgar single blocks (Australia - USA)
Two single blocks by Australian player in match Australia - USA. The most stable element of the Australia national team in that match. They won the first set especially thanks to an exceptional performance in the block. …  1292  0
Sean Rooney huge block on Thomas Edgar
Another huge block in that tournament. This time American player Sean Rooney didn't give any chance of a successful spike by the Thomas Edgar who was the best in Australia team. Sean Rooney scored in this match 7 points …  1159  0
Denis Biryukov huge block on Wallace de Souza
Another great block by Russian player during World League 2014 Final Six in Florence. In this match there was a lot of great action like this. Denis scored in this match 15 points (12 spikes, 2 blocks and one ace). Russi…  1090  1
Bruno Rezende & Lucas Saatkamp quick ball
Amazing action from today's game between Russia and Brazil. What a set by Bruno Rezende in the match against Russia national team! Look at this wonderful quick set by Bruno from way off the net, setting quickly behind hi…  1872  0
Dmitriy Ilinykh huge block on Amir Ghafour
Huge block by Russian player during 1st day of World League 2014 Final Six in Florence. Ball hit the ground faster then Iranian spiker: Armin Ghafour. What is interesting Ghafour was top scorer with 30 points for Iran na…  1253  1
Jiri Kovar amazing dig (Italy - USA)
New star of Volleyball-Movies: Jiri Kovar showed his best work in defense again! He was making great defense moves in this match. Here is another nice dig against USA national team which leads to a point for Italy nation…  1133  2
Ivan Zaystev 4 aces in a row
Ivan Zaytsev won that match for Italy national team! He started at 24:22 for USA and ended on 26:24 for Italy. Erik Shoji, Taylor Sander and Sean Rooney couldn't receive his strong balls. Ivan had 29 balls and ended 15 o…  2380  6
Incredible action in match Iran - Russia
Russia successfully started the final World League tournament organized in Florence. See fantastic combination between Saied Marouflakrani and Amir Ghafour. "Sborna" beat Iran 3:2 (18:25, 25:18, 25:21, 35:37, 15:8). Amaz…  1640  1
Jiri Kovar double dig (Italy - USA)
Two great digs of Italian player: Jiri Kovar in one action in match against USA national team. This action shows his posibilities in the defence. He scored 10 points. Italy won all sets (25:22, 25:21, 26:24). USA face Au…  1107  2

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