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AS Cannes - Paris UC (part 3)
Great game in season 1995/96 between AS Cannes and Paris UC (now Paris Volley). Lot of good players like Laurent Chambertin, Dominique Daquin, Jacques Yoko for AS Cannes and Guennadi Tcheremissov, Laurent Tillie, Fabiani…  2  0
Arago de Sète - Paris Volley (Trailer)
Trailer before matches between Arago de Sète (6th place) and Paris Volley (3rd place and winner of CEV Cup 2013/14). How do you think, who will be better? These two teams met two times in current season. First match in …  2  2
Narbonne Volley -  Ajaccio Volley-Ball (Highlights)
Highlights movie from match of 25 elimination round in French PRO A. Battle between Narbonne Volley and GFCA Ajaccio Volley-Ball. This victory was very important for the Ajaccio Volley-Ball. MVP of game was Guillermo Fal…  2  0
Narbonne Volley - Paris Volley
Nice match of Bulgarian wing-spiker: Todor Skrimov (he has 23 year now), who scored 19 points for Paris Volley in three sets. His team won all sets in 1 hour's and 35 minutes. In statistics, Skrimov has a high score of …  1  4
Tours VB - Paris Volley (PRO A 2005/06, part 2)
After three years Paris Volley is again French champion! In the final matches Paris won against the team of Tours 3:1 (1st match) and 3:0 (2nd match). Paris Volley had tough game against Tours VB. For the second consecut…  1  0
Tours VB - Paris Volley (full match)
Second full final match between Paris Volley and Tours VB. Let's remind that in order to earn the gold medal of French PRO A, you have to win two games. Everybody in "Salle Robert-Grenon" hall was expecting a celebratio…  1  10
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