Bulgaria - Poland (Hubert Wagner Memorial 2010) - part 1

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Bulgaria, the second team of this year’s Hubert Jerzy Wagner’s Memorial is still far from the optimal shape. Even their star: Matey Kazijski didn’t play at the same high level all the time however still he was the best spiker of the tournament. It seems that now Bulgaria needs to improve a lot their defense and balance their shape in other elements of the art of volleyball. The hosts are also in the middle of preparations for the world championships and need to work a lot. Poland managed to win only one game against Czech Republic and had serious problems against Bulgaria. For sure this tournament was an important step for both coaches and players and helped them to find out what are the most important factors to work on at the moment.
Date: 20.08.2010
Place: "Łuczniczka" Hall, Bydgoszcz (POL)
Match: Bulgaria - Poland 3:1
Kind of tournament: Hubert Wagner's Memorial - VIII Edition
Commentary: Polish
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