Bulgaria - Netherlands

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Date: 31.08.2007
Place: Paris (FRA)
Match: Bulgaria - Netherlands 3:0
Kind of tournament: Turnoi de France 2007
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fadel BH 5 years ago +1
Bulgaria has played very well in this match
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4 weeks ago
Garrett Minyard
Garrett Minyard Wing-spiker from USA
1 month ago
Łukasz Koziura
Łukasz Koziura Libero from Poland
1 month ago
Fiorenzo Colarusso
Fiorenzo Colarusso Setter from Italy
1 month ago
Mateusz Bogus
Mateusz Bogus Middle-blocker from Poland
1 month ago
Aleksander Eerma
Aleksander Eerma Setter from Estonia
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