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Bulgaria - Czech Republic (short cut)
added 21:39 18/08/2011 in Friendly matches, place 931/5663
Date: 12.08.2011
Place: "Armeec Arena", Sofia (BUL)
Match: Bulgaria - Czech Republic 3:0
Kind of tournament: Friendly Match
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radek96rr PL 3 years ago +1
great movie _+
hanes233 EE 3 years ago +1
3.20-3.37 nice rally! 2.22 nice pipe, 3.05 amazing Valdo!
raylight BG 3 years ago 0
It is not mine. I found it in youtube, it is Ivailo Demidov's camera (Bulgarian rock singer). My work here so far is not creative, I am a discoverer
Zyta PL 3 years ago 0
Hey, is it your camera? Nice quality!
proud BG 3 years ago 0
Raylight,nice camera work
Do you have the whole thing,though or the match with France?
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