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Brazil - USA
added 08:24 08/07/2011 in World League, place 1753/5109
Date: 7.07.2011
Place: "Ergo Arena", Gdańsk/Sopot (POL)
Match: Brazil - USA 3:1 (Group F)
Kind of tournament: World League 2011 Final Eight
Commentary: Portuguese
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maslanka PL 103 2 years ago 0
very good
kuba9426 PL 543 2 years ago 0
good game
fadel BH 1990 2 years ago 0
Arbitration is really bad in this match
Digoo123 BR 2 2 years ago 0
Otimo jogo esse
csejzurc PH 2 2 years ago +1
Giba is a good player that's why he was my idol in playing volleyball since then...
Rachel BR 689 3 years ago +1
Very tough match, I thought of turning off the tv in the first set, I had a migraine in the end of it. What a remarkable match of Giba!! He 's in a great phyisical condition right now...
He taught me a lesson in the end when he hugged Stanley
RenanZ BR 2537 3 years ago +1
After the 1st SET, I really thought that we would loose this match!. Fortunatelly, I was wrong
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