Brazil - the Winner of World League 2007

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Many fans think that it was the strongest Brazilian team in the history. After that tournament there was some conflicts between Ricardo Garcia and Bernardo Rezende. Ricardinho didn't want to share 40000$ for MVP award with his team. There is some unwritten custom that every player shares money prize with all the teammates. In 1:28 you can see the Brazilian ritual - volleyball dig made by all the team. Hermes House Band - Disco Samba Part II in the background
Team: Brazil
Kind of tournament: World League 2007 Final Round
Place in tournament: 1st
Team's lineup: Bruno Mossa Rezende, Marcelo, Eder Carbonera, André Heller, Sidnei dos Santos Junior, Samuel Fuchs, Giba, Murilo, André, Sérgio, Anderson, Nalbert Bitencourt, Gustavo, Rodrigão, Roberto Minuzzi Jr, Thiago Soares Alves, Ricardo, Dante, Alan Barbosa Domingos
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hps79058 TW 6 years ago 0
anybody know that what's the song they played when players were entering the court?(after 2:50)
that sounds nice!!
fadel BH 6 years ago -1
Great song !!!
fadel BH 6 years ago -1
I like the way Brazil in the expression of joy
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago -1
Brazil is the best!
guest WO 10 years ago 0
Giba says.. Nós somos fóda!!! Nós jogamos pra caralho!!! Brazil the best!!!

Originally posted by fabiovolley from Brazil
guest WO 10 years ago 0
the best!!!

Originally posted by Leo from Brazil

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