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Brazil - Cuba
added 16:36 17/08/2011 in Grand Champion, place 1290/5097
Match full of fire and powerful spikes. Full game between Brazil and Cuba. Best scorer of match was Leandro Vissotto, who scored 18 points, but in that match he wasn't so effective (he has just 38% of efficiency in attack). Coach Bernardo Rezende said: "We have to congratulate Cuba for a big fight. They have travelled a lot but are still very powerful and can come up with their serve like they did in the fourth set. As their coach said, we had a more experienced team and could control the tiebreak. It was a tense and difficult match. Tomorrow we play Iran. They had a great victory today against Egypt. We must give them respect and focus on our game and try and leave Osaka with two victories. That will be very important".
Date: 18.11.2009
Place: "Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium", Osaka (JPN)
Match: Cuba - Brazil 2:3 (1st round)
Kind of tournament: World Grand Champions Cup 2009
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kuba9426 PL 543 2 years ago 0
good match
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 7547 2 years ago +1
I love it
fadel BH 1990 2 years ago 0
Team Cuba full stars
Kamyl PL 48 2 years ago +1
Simon shoes ? what models ? adidas ... ?
Kamyl PL 48 2 years ago 0
ktoś może w ie w jakim modelu adidas grał w tym meczu Simon?
raylight BG 6988 3 years ago +3
Twice the age, twice the wisdom, but half the strength
Agent14 CA 17 3 years ago +6
I love that Giba is twice the age of Leon in this match.
raylight BG 6988 3 years ago -2
Thank you, oioi
oioi PL 341 3 years ago +3
Nice rhyme raylight
raylight BG 6988 3 years ago +2
There was no sound
in the torrent I found
NXT PL 255 3 years ago +1
Why no sound? Or is it just me?
maslanka PL 103 3 years ago +1
jajajajaja Cuba played her the best tournament in Italy ..
raylight BG 6988 3 years ago -2
Brazil - Cuba, Bulgaria - Cuba, Serbia - Cuba, the three classics of the World Championship in Italy
maslanka PL 103 3 years ago +1
finally i can watch this match !!!!
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