Alexander Mitrovic's nice plays

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Former player of Serbian National team showed his best. At first dig the ball which was far beyond the playground (above the chairs for reserve players) and then served an ace.
Player: Alexander Mitrovic
Date: 07.11.2007
Place: "Podpromie" Hall, Rzeszów (POL)
Match: Resovia Rzeszów - AZS Olsztyn 3:1 (7th round)
Kind of tournament: Polish League 2007/08
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fadel BH 6 years ago 0
That day certainly
jannkes PL 7 years ago 0
heh ale do obrony Grbicia z IO mu trochę zabrakło
guest WO 9 years ago 0
Za krotki ten filmik przecierz Aleks zagral potem jeszcze jednego asa ;/

Originally posted by Zorro from Poland
guest WO 9 years ago 0
ale się krzysio cieszył Mitrovic wymiata

Originally posted by kibic19940 from Poland
guest WO 9 years ago 0
Brawo Mitrovic, brawo Sovia !

Originally posted by Resovianka from Poland
guest WO 9 years ago 0
byłem na tym meczu nieźle pozdr

Originally posted by Blinki3 from Poland

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