Transfers - season 2013/14
added 17:41 06/04/2013 by chrison in Male players and teams 1470 569204
Most of league competitions draw to a close so it's highest time for transfers news from your local playgrounds. All of managers and scouts have a lot of work on their hands now. Tell us about rumors, hearsay and predicti…
Volleyball trick shots: Knack Roeselare
added 16 hours ago by MaskYs in Other 0 1824
This video is awesome! Knack Roeselare team realize some trick shots. You can see players like: Matthijs Verhanneman, Tomas Rousseaux, Arno Van de Velde, Eami Tervaportti, Joppe Paulides, Stijn Dejonckheere, Stijn D'Hulst, Pi…
Joandry Leal dynamic pipe
added 20 hours ago by vtnklmdc in Actions 1 1806
That was look like spike from 1st line, powerful pipe by Cuban player in final match of Brazilian Superliga with Sesi Sao Paulo. Leal scored in this match 9 points. Sada Cruzeiro is the Champion of Brazilian League 2013/2014.…
Narbonne Volley -  Ajaccio Volley-Ball (Highlights)
added 20:25 17/04/2014 by Centurions-Tv in French PRO A 0 678
Highlights movie from match of 25 elimination round in French PRO A. Battle between Narbonne Volley and GFCA Ajaccio Volley-Ball. This victory was very important for the Ajaccio Volley-Ball. MVP of game was Guillermo Falasca …
Mitar Djuric 3rd meter spike (Halkbank - Jastrzębski Węgiel)
added 19:31 17/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Actions 0 1239
Player of Halkbank Ankara: Mitar Djurić showed nice spike in match Halkbank Ankara - Jastrzębski Węgiel. He became well-known for such plays in that season. This game decided who will advance to the final of Champions Leag…
Nicolas Uriarte fantastic set (Jastrzębie - Skra)
added 15:20 16/04/2014 by vtnklmdc in Actions 2 1842
Sample of Nicolas Uriarte's skills presented in Polish league match against Jastrzębski Węgiel. Mariusz Wlazły on the clean net could do what he want. He spiked in third meter. After win in 3rd match of semi-final against …
Lube Banca Macerata  - Casa Modena (Highlights)
added 14:57 16/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Italian Serie A 1 989
Third match of semi-final of Italian Serie A 2013/14 between Lube Banca Macerata and Casa Modena. Despite all the troubles and some disappointing results in this season, the hosts were a favorite of that battle. MVP of game …
Lube Banca Macerata - Casa Modena (full match)
added 14:41 16/04/2014 by Pallavolo in Italian Serie A 1 662
Sunday's game between Lube Banca Macerata and Casa Modena. Everything with emotional Russian commentary. Despite all the troubles and some disappointing results in this season, Lube was just amazing in this semifinals series…
Dynamo Krasnodar - Zenit Kazan (Highlights)
added 14:23 16/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Russian League 0 538
90-seconds clip made by Sebastian13Sw. Zenit Kazan without any problems beat Dynamo Krasnodar in three sets. At the beginning of every set the game was pretty equal, but then Zenit showed the difference of the level between t…
Patryk Łaba 36 points in one match
added 11:41 15/04/2014 by LabSter in Poland 6 1447
All of Patryk's points scored in Polish Second League against Pekpol Ostrołęka. He scored 36 points in 5 sets match! AGH 100RK Kraków won that game in tie-break (25:23, 21:25, 28:26, 24:26, 15:8). Patryk had 38 balls and e…
Brazilian League 2013/14 Decoration
added 11:10 15/04/2014 by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Other 0 393
The decoration of Brazilian League 2013/14 with the first place for Sada Cruzeiro, second place for Sesi São Paulo and third place for Brasil Kirin/Campinas. The best players of Superliga according to the statistics of Brazi…
Sada Cruzeiro Volei - Sesi São Paulo (Final, full match)
added 10:56 15/04/2014 by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Brazilian League 2 1239
Sada Cruzeiro is the Champion of Brazilian League 2013/2014. Just a perfect ending for an absolutely perfect season with other 4 titles (Mineiro championship, South American championship, Brazilian Cup, World Club championshi…
Paris Volley - Arago de Sète (Highlights)
added 19:11 14/04/2014 by aragoTV in French PRO A 0 895
The most interesting actions from Saturday's match between Paris Volley (3rd place in regular season and Winner of CEV Cup) and Arago de Sète (6th place). The hosts began this game with a high level of concentration. Marko I…
Jastrzębski Węgiel  in Champions League 2014
added 18:07 14/04/2014 by akoszela in Other 0 851
Movie showing moments of glory of Jastrzębski Węgiel in the Champions League 2013/14. Team coached by Lorenzo Bernardi took 3rd place in that tournament. Only best players like: Michal Masny, Michał Kubiak, Krzysztof Gier…
Sada Cruzeiro is the champion of Brazilian League 2013/2014
added 15:11 14/04/2014 by vtnklmdc in European leagues 0 687
Sada Cruzeiro - Sesi-SP São Paulo 3:0 (21:19, 21:17, 21:18) Team rosters: Sada: William Arjona, Wallace (10), Leal (9), Ferraz (10), Isac Santos (4), Eder (7), Sergio Nogueira (libero) and Margarido, Douglas i Paulo Silva S…
Simon Aties 3rd meter spike (Piacenza - Perugia)
added 10:36 14/04/2014 by vtnklmdc in Actions 3 3256
You must see it !!! Amazing action: Luciano De Cecco and Simon Aties. Huge spike by Cuban player in match between Copra Piacenza and Sir Safety Perugia. He had 79% in attack and he scored 20 points in that match. Actually he …
Luciano De Cecco fantastic set (Piacenza - Perugia)
added 10:15 14/04/2014 by vtnklmdc in Actions 1 1918
Next great action by the couple Luciano De Cecco and Simon Aties. It proves that all movies with Luciano and Robertlandy on Volleyball-Movies are just incredible. Copra won that game in tie-break. Just like the second semifi…
Copra Piacenza - Sir Safety Perugia  (SET5)
added 08:47 14/04/2014 by Pallavolo in Italian Serie A 0 643
You can see two living legends of volleyball in the action: Goran Vujevic and Samuele Papi. Just like the second semifinal, the third match of this series goes to 5 sets. Hristo Zlatanov got award for MVP, he got high effici…
Luca Vettori headshot (Copra - Trentino)
added 20:21 13/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Actions 0 1075
Headshot on middle-blocker presented by 22 years old Luca Vettori in the semi-final of Italian Cup 2014. In the next day he got a headshot from Aleksandar Atanasijević. Luca Vettori was the best scorer of semi-final against …
Copra Piacenza - Trentino Volley (Highlights)
added 19:59 13/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Italian Cup 1 644
Copra Piacenza, beating Diatec Trentino, for the first time since 2006 played in the final of the Italian Cup. "We knew it wasn't the end, that in the finale we can go one step further and reach the historical, huge success",…
Mikko Esko nice set (Skra - Nizhny Novgorod)
added 17:41 13/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Actions 0 1173
Mikko showed his skills in the beggining of semi-final of CEV Cup 2013/14 against Skra Bełchatów. He completely lost Skra's blockers and cleaned net for Nikolay Pavlov. Nizhny Novgorod won both matches in tie-break and adva…
Long rally (Kędzierzyn-Koźle - Resovia Rzeszów)
added 17:31 13/04/2014 by vtnklmdc in Actions 3 1678
Great action, probably the best in this season of Polish League, both teams showed determination in defense. Great digs presented by Zagumny, Penchev and Ignaczak. Kędzierzyn-Koźle was leading 2:0 in that match and they nee…
Belogorie Belgorod - Halkbank Ankara (Highlights)
added 09:40 13/04/2014 by Rostislsv in Champions League 1 1058
Highlights from game between Halkbank Ankara and Belogorie Belgorod. Gennady Shipulin's team won their third crown in the Champions League 2013/14. This way Belogorie also got the right to represent Europe at the 2014 FIVB C…
Casa Modena - Lube Banca Macerata (full match)
added 00:38 13/04/2014 by Pallavolo in Italian Serie A 0 664
Positive second game for Lube Banca Macerata in quarter-final of the Italian Serie A 2013/14 which defeated Casa Modena in three sets. You can see such players like: Ivan Zaytsev, Bartosz Kurek, Simone Parodi (Macerata) and E…
Dick Kooy dynamic pipe (Resovia - Kędzierzyn-Koźle)
added 00:13 13/04/2014 by vtnklmdc in Actions 1 1350
So many players in the air and nobody knows who will hit the ball. Amazing action by Dutch player Dick Kooy in semi-final match between Resovia and Kędzierzyn-Koźle. He scored in this match 21 points, including 19 spikes, 2…
Nizhny Novgorod  - Paris Volley (Highlights)
added 19:55 12/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Cev Cup 1 720
Mission accomplished for Nizhny Novogrod. Plamen Konstantinov's team won that game in three sets. "It is not easy to speak, when you lose a game, but 0-3 seems to me too much for today", Sidibe commented after the match. "We…
Bre Banca Cuneo - Sir Safety Perugia (Highlights)
added 19:31 12/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Italian Serie A 0 519
Nice highlights from game between Perugia and Cuneo. You can’t miss it! Sir Safety Perugia advanced to the semi-final of Serie A 2013/14. They won both matches against Bre Banca Cuneo. In second game (third set), Aleksandar…
Mariusz Wlazły headshot (Bełchatów - Jastrzębie)
added 16:55 12/04/2014 by vtnklmdc in Actions 2 2649
Mariusz Wlazły power! 2nd semi-final match of Plusliga 2013/14 between Skra Bełchatów and Jastrzębski Węgiel. Michał Kubiak had no chance to defence this ball. Mariusz Wlazły was the best scorer of that 3-set game. He …
Lube Banca Macerata - Sir Safety Perugia (Highlights)
added 16:33 12/04/2014 by Sebastian13Sw in Italian Cup 0 732
That result was surprise for most of fans in the world. After more than two hours of tough play, Perugia won the semi-final match of the Italian Cup 2014. Aleksandar Atanasijević scored 9 points in tie-break! Thanks to his g…
Germany team for 2014 year
added 10:11 12/04/2014 by vtnklmdc in Male players and teams 1 878
Vital Heynen announced the names of 21 players who have already May 5 will begin pre-season preparation . Known for Polish fans player Georgy Grozer didn't found as so far in the National team. Setters: Lukas Kampa, Simo…

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