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Transfers - season 2014/15
added 6 months ago by chrison in Male players and teams 723 397733
Create a transfer list with community. Tell us about rumors, hearsay and predictions from your leagues.Transfers from last seasons you could see in related discussions.  Player Previous clu…
Thank you Matthew Anderson
added 1 hour ago by VolleyballMovies in USA 0 102
With one short video of Zenit TV the club has showed that they will miss Anderson who recently left the team. They have called this video "Спасибо за всё, Мэтт Андерсон! / Thank you for all, Matt Ander…
Arago de Sète - Tourcoing VB (Highlights)
added 12 hours ago by aragoTV in French PRO A 0 228
After defeats in two matches of French League, Arago de Sète won first game in that season by beating team from Tourcoing in three sets 3:0 (25:15, 25:18, 25:10). The game was not really exciting, Arago took the whole contro…
Berlin Volleys - TV Bühl (Highlights)
added 13 hours ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in German League 0 428
Do you remember amazing atmosphere in Max-Schmeling-Halle? Now is similarly. Berlin Volleys has celebrated a great victory over TV Bühl after more than two hours of play. TV Bühl was leading 2:1 in sets, but the host won tw…
Politechnika Warszawska - Resovia Rzeszów (Highlights)
added 19 hours ago by VolleyballMovies in Polish League 1 738
Resovia Rzeszów remained unbeaten in Polish Plusliga 2014/15 after victory over AZS Politechnika Warszawska in three sets. Some best actions in high quality from that Yesterday's match. Marko Ivović had one more good game w…
Trentino Volley - Exprivia Molfetta (Highlights)
added 20 hours ago by VolleyballMovies in Italian Serie A 0 547
Trento without any problems beat Exprivia Molfetta in three sets (25:18, 25:19, 25:19). They showed their new players: Łukasz Żygadło and Matey Kaziyski (they played in every set). Trentino presented against the background…
Top Volley Latina - Sir Safety Perugia (short cut)
added 20 hours ago by VolleyballMovies in Italian Serie A 0 448
Highlights of three sets played in Latina in last Wednesday. That was the first victory for Sir Safety Perugia in season 2014/15. MVP of the match was definitely Aleksandar Atanasijević with 21 points. On the press conferenc…
Modena Volley - Vero Volley Monza (short cut)
added 21 hours ago by VolleyballMovies in Italian Serie A 0 383
On the first position in Serie A we have Modena Volley who yesterday won with Vero Volley Monza 3:0. This season Modena is playing effective volleyball, in which Luca Vettori plays the biggest role (he scored 15 points - MVP …
Long rally (Chemik Police - MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza)
added 22 hours ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 561
It was the first point in the whole match. The hosts won it after one minute and 38 seconds. Great emotions, spikes and defense. Look how tired were players of both teams. Chemik Police (white T-shirts) won that match in all …
Narbonne Volley - Paris Volley (Highlights)
added 1 day ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in French PRO A 0 540
This was the second round of French PRO A, that took place at "Palais du Travail" in Narbonne (tickets for the match were sold out in a blink of an eye). Paris Volley won that game in the tie-break. Great duel on the net betw…
Taylor Sander fantastic set
added 1 day ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Actions 0 1281
Taylor Sander style of play. That was completly unpredictable for Revivre Milano. He is setter No. 2 on the playground. Also wing-spiker Sam Deroo believed in his teammate and was sure that he will set to him. Belgian player …
AS Cannes - Arago de Sète (Highlights)
added 2 days ago by aragoTV in French PRO A 1 781
Despite hiring some new players (Ivan Raić and Taylor Crabb), Arago de Sète after defeat in opening round of French PRO lost the next game against AS Cannes (0:3). They are the last team in French League 2014/15 for that mo…
Long rally (Chemik Police - MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza)
added 2 days ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 645
Amazing rally from OrlenLiga 2013/14 between Chemik Police and MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza. Huge block of Katarzyna Mróz ended this rally. Chemik had great team with Anna Werblińska, Katarzyna Gajgoł-Anioł, Małgorzata Glinka …
Sir Safety Perugia - Trentino Volley (short cut)
added 3 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Italian Serie A 0 1215
The second round of the Italian League 2014/15. Hit of that round was match between Sir Safety Perugia and Trentino Volley. Radostin Stoytchev’s team played a stunning match against one of the candidates for the title, and…
Tonazzo Padova - Modena Volley (Highlights)
added 3 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Italian Serie A 0 878
After winning with Sir Safety Perugia (3:1), Modena Volley was better in all sets against Tonazzo Padova. Look how fast Bruno Rezende set in 0:54 and 1:20. Great dig presented by Stefano Giannotti on 2:07. Nemanja Petrić pla…
Special gesture for Stefan Vujević
added 3 days ago by VolleyballMovies in Other 1 840
The great tragedy came upon the volleyball legend Goran Vujević a year ago when his son Stefan passed away after a long battle with tough illness at the age of five and the fans of Sir Safety Perugia made a lovely gesture …
Maiko Kano funny serve
added 4 days ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 1126
This service will certainly find a place in the funniest ever category :-) Maiko Kano is a Japanese volleyball player who plays for Hisamitsu Springs. She was elected the candidate player of the national team when she was a j…
Jorge Payan
added 4 days ago by Payan9 in Colombia 0 914
This movie presents incredible actions of Colombian player when he played in Greek A1 League. He has played for teams such as Valle Cali, Boca Juniors, AONS Milon, Korinthos, Pannelinios GS, Anorthosis Famagusta and A.E.K. A…
Micah Christenson in World Championship 2014
added 6 days ago by brenobuzin159 in USA 4 1603
Compilation of best sets from World Championship 2014. Micah Christenson shows that he's a great setter and has all ingredients to be the best in the next years. He reminds Lloy Ball in his cleverness, ability to make a risk …
Kacper Ledwoń
added 6 days ago by lewaro in Poland 1 1131
Video presents skills by one of the best young Polish libero. There are moments from the old hall in Jastrzębie Zdrój :-) Thanks to the great play in the defence Kacper Ledwoń became the first libero of Jastrzębski Węgie…
Sebastián Gevert
added 6 days ago by Joseto_Videos in Chile 0 1132
Movie presents best moments from the last continental championship of America. He is one of the best Chilean players in the last years. His team took 4th place of that tournament. He played for Palma Volley in season 2010/11.…
Michał Winiarski in World Championship 2014
added 1 week ago by przemek16 in Poland 6 2027
Movie showing Michał Winiarski the during World Championship 2014. The best spikes, aces and blocks collected in one movie. Thanks to him Poland have reached the final game. His team won against Brazil 3:1. He said: "Everyon…
Sesi São Paulo - Funvic/Taubaté (full match)
added 1 week ago by RenanZ in Paulista Championship 0 1207
Paulista Championship 2014: Great victory for Funvic/Taubaté in the first match of the final against Sesi São Paulo. They won all sets. You can see such players like: Ricardo Lucarelli, Sergio, Lucas Saatkamp (Sesi) and Da…
Manuelle Coscione great set (Macerata - Verona)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 1675
Manuelle Coscione, setter of Verona, had his show in the first round of the Italian Championship 2014/15. In a game against Lube Banca Macerata, Coscione made an unbelievable play! He had to go under the net on the rival’s…
Arago de Sète - Ajaccio Volley-Ball (Highlights)
added 1 week ago by aragoTV in French PRO A 2 1179
aragoTV is known for great quality of volleyball highlights! Some actions from game between Arago de Sete and Ajaccio Volley-Ball. There was opening match of French PRO 2014/15. Team from Sète is powerless. Frédéric Ferran…
Serie A 2014/15 1st week (Highlights)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Italian Serie A 2 1864
Highlights from the first round matches in Italian Serie A 2014/15. Fans wanted to see their teams with new players. There was almost full hall in Modena and Macerata. Match between Modena Volley and Sir Safety Perugia was a …
AZS Częstochowa - Czarni Radom (Highlights)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Polish League 0 1103
Despite hiring some new players (Daniel Pliński, Lukas Kampa, Dirk Westphal and Mikko Oivanen), Czarni Radom lost the game against AZS Częstochowa! The hosts took the whole control over it from the very beginning. MVP of t…
Fabio Balaso leg dig (Trentino Volley - Tonazzo Padova)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 787
Incredible save of Fabio Balaso in yesterday's game between Trentino Volley and Tonazzo Padova. There was opening match of Serie A 2014/15. It was easy game for Trentino, they have won it in three sets (25:19, 25:15, 25:13).
Modena Volley - Sir Safety Perugia (Highlights)
added 1 week ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Italian Serie A 0 1777
The head coach of Perugia Nikola Grbić had a debut in Serie A. Modena Volley beat Perugia 3:1 although Grbić's team took the first set. It was a duel of two members of Serbian national team. Uroš Kovacević (MVP of that ga…
Volley-ball video game
added 1 week ago by Niamek in Other topics 2 1919
Hello!   I'm writting here since I was thinking recently after playing some NHL 2015 with a friend:   How a volley-ball game need to be done so it's actually excellent? (Imagine: FIVB world league 2015 video gam…

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