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Transfers - season 2014/15
added 6 months ago by chrison in Male players and teams 720 393111
Create a transfer list with community. Tell us about rumors, hearsay and predictions from your leagues.Transfers from last seasons you could see in related discussions.  Player Previous clu…
Manuelle Coscione great set (Macerata - Verona)
added 8 hours ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 541
Manuelle Coscione, setter of Verona, had his show in the first round of the Italian Championship 2014/15. In a game against Lube Banca Macerata, Coscione made an unbelievable play! He had to go under the net on the rival’s…
Arago de Sète - Ajaccio Volley-Ball (Highlights)
added 1 day ago by aragoTV in French PRO A 1 685
aragoTV is known for great quality of volleyball highlights! Some actions from game between Arago de Sete and Ajaccio Volley-Ball. There was opening match of French PRO 2014/15. Team from Sète is powerless. Frédéric Ferran…
Serie A 2014/15 1st week (Highlights)
added 1 day ago by VolleyballMovies in Italian Serie A 2 1127
Highlights from the first round matches in Italian Serie A 2014/15. Fans wanted to see their teams with new players. There was almost full hall in Modena and Macerata. Match between Modena Volley and Sir Safety Perugia was a …
AZS Częstochowa - Czarni Radom (Highlights)
added 1 day ago by VolleyballMovies in Polish League 0 774
Despite hiring some new players (Daniel Pliński, Lukas Kampa, Dirk Westphal and Mikko Oivanen), Czarni Radom lost the game against AZS Częstochowa! The hosts took the whole control over it from the very beginning. MVP of t…
Fabio Balaso leg dig (Trentino Volley - Tonazzo Padova)
added 1 day ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 626
Incredible save of Fabio Balaso in yesterday's game between Trentino Volley and Tonazzo Padova. There was opening match of Serie A 2014/15. It was easy game for Trentino, they have won it in three sets (25:19, 25:15, 25:13).
Modena Volley - Sir Safety Perugia (Highlights)
added 2 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Italian Serie A 0 1362
The head coach of Perugia Nikola Grbić had a debut in Serie A. Modena Volley beat Perugia 3:1 although Grbić's team took the first set. It was a duel of two members of Serbian national team. Uroš Kovacević (MVP of that ga…
Volley-ball video game
added 3 days ago by Niamek in Other topics 2 1159
Hello!   I'm writting here since I was thinking recently after playing some NHL 2015 with a friend:   How a volley-ball game need to be done so it's actually excellent? (Imagine: FIVB world league 2015 video gam…
Jordan Larson-Burbach in World Championships 2014
added 3 days ago by VolleyballMovies in Players 0 894
11-minutes video of dynamic 28-years old American wing-spiker. There are actions from Women's World Championships 2014 in Italy. Jordan Larson-Burbach played multiple sports as a youth, and also played different positions on…
World Championship 2014 (Highlights, 3rd movie)
added 4 days ago by diogo10 in World Champs. 1 1401
Movie contains great moments from World Championships. It was a show on the highest level. Enjoy technique and skills of the best players in the world! ;-) The matches watched live at Polish halls by 586 855 fans (average 569…
Kimberly Hill in World Championship 2014
added 5 days ago by VolleyballMovies in Players 0 933
Kimberly Hill was named the most valuable player and second best wing-spiker of the tournament. She totaled 159 points during the course of the 13 matches in the World Championship. She averaged 3.61 points per set in the 44 …
USA actions (China - USA)
added 5 days ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 810
The United States of America are the new world champions! In front of 12 600 thrilled fans in Milan’s Mediolanum Forum, USA beat China 3:1 (27:25, 25:20, 16:25, 26:24) to claim their first FIVB World Championship title ever…
Trentino Volley - Calzedonia Verona (Highlights)
added 6 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Friendly matches 0 1719
The match serves as preparation for the Italian League starting in less than a week. It was really a good game for spectators. Trentino Volley was better in all sets. You can see players like: Matey Kaziyski, Taylor Sander a…
Calzedonia Verona training before season 2014/15
added 6 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Other 0 1194
Training of Calzedonia Verona, which will be stronger in next season. The future of American volley: Taylor Sander (MVP of World League 2014) and Sam Deroo joined the team. You could see Taylor Sander during a training on 01…
Benfica Lisboa - Castelo Da Maia GC (Highlights)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Portuguese A1 0 860
Battle between Portuguese champion (Benfica Lisboa) and Portuguese Cup Winner (Castelo Da Maia). Match was held at the Dr. Mario Mexia sports hall in Coimbra and was held by the Portuguese Volleyball Federation with the suppo…
Banning system is ready!
added 1 week ago by chrison in About us 1 897
We have just finished new feature on called banning system. The main idea of that system was providing you higher quality of content on the website.  In case of comment violating website rules in mov…
Long rally (Italy - USA)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 782
Both teams showed their best in the first match of the group G of Women's World Championships 2014. There was 11500 fans on that match in Mediolanum Forum. Italy defeated the United States 3:0 (25:23, 25:22, 25:20). Italy's b…
Long rally (Brazil - China)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 617
This game between Brazil and China was definitely a thrill. It was the longest and the most hard fought rally of the Women's World Championships 2014 in Italy. We see here great digs from both side. China lost that match, but…
Italy - Brazil (short cut)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Highlights 0 596
Epic battle between Italy and Brazil. World No. 1 Brazil overpowered hosts Italy 3:2 (25:15, 25:13, 22:25, 22:25, 15:7) in Sunday’s bronze medal match in Milan’s Mediolanum Forum to finish third in the Women's World Champ…
USA - Brazil (short cut)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Highlights 0 609
The United States won all sets in semi-final against Brazil. USA outplayed Brazil in attacking and serving, to make up for Brazil's superior blocking. However, the reigning Olympic champions contributed to the final score wit…
Lube Banca Macerata - Trentino Volley (Highlights)
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Friendly matches 0 1981
It was a friendly tournament called "Trofeo Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì e Romagna". Trentino Volley won against Lube Banca Macerata in four sets (29:27, 25:17, 23:25, 25:15). Only best players play there: Emanuele Birarelli …
Sam Deroo spectacular dig
added 1 week ago by VolleyballMovies in Actions 0 1602
In a friendly match Modena has defeated Verona 3:2 (20:25, 25:22, 28:26, 15:25, 15:13), but this game will stay remembered by one spectacular move. Sam Deroo (he scored 11 points of that game), player of Calzedonia Verona, …
Brazil - Poland (Highlights, 3rd movie)
added 1 week ago by TheMarkos in World Champs. 0 1437
Long actions in that game showed that it was show on the highest level. Enjoy technique and skills of the best players in the world. Poland dethroned Brazil as monarchs of men’s volleyball with an epic victory in four sets …
Bartosz  Zieliński
added 1 week ago by TheZielony95 in Poland 0 5162
The sample of Bartosz Zieliński possibilities in the defence. Polish young libero, who played for Norwid Częstochowa in season 2013/14. In that club raised up stars like: Paweł Woicki, Grzegorz Fijałek (Beach Volleyball) …
Trentino Volley - Copra Piacenza (Highlights)
added 1 week ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Friendly matches 0 2393
Matey Kaziyski has returned to Trentino this summer and he played in a friendly game against Copra Piacenza. His team was better in all sets. The official team presentation is scheduled for the 15th October when Trentino wil…
Michał Wójcik
added 1 week ago by michalu1290 in Poland 0 2318
Sample of possibilities of dynamic 19-years old Polish player with fast arm. There are moments from the old hall in Jastrzębie Zdrój :-) He was real star of Jastrzębski Węgiel in Young Plusliga 2013/14. Michał Wójcik …
South Korea - China (full match)
added 1 week ago by wantya942 in Matches 0 661
Full match between South Korea and China (17th Asian Championships 2014). This is the second gold medal Korea has ever won the women’s title after they finished the first for the first time in Hiroshima of Japan in 1994. In…
Kamil Sołoducha: Thanks to the team spirit and the atmosphere in theis the secret behind Poles’ success
added 1 week ago by s-w-o_pl in International competitions 1 772
In the recent World Cup national the team of Finland scored the best place of their career. This success was granted, in addition to the players and coaches themselves, by Kamil Soloducha, working daily as a scoutman of ZAKSA…
Jelle Hilarius in season 2013/14
added 1 week ago by ramonmartinezgion in Netherlands 0 1436
Compilation of the best actions of Jelle Hilarius in season 2013/14. His career started in 2008 when he signed contract with Landstede Volleyball Zwolle. He played there in 2008-2013. In season 2012/13 he was champion of the …
Miroslav Gradinarov
added 2 weeks ago by raylight in Bulgaria 2 1772
Highlights of Miroslav Gradinarov from Japanese V.Premier League. He signed a contract with Spacers de Toulouse. In the last three seasons he played for the Japanese club FC Tokyo and before that he was a member of the Cyprus…

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