Play World League 2015 Game - 3rd round! News » World League 2015
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The participation is free :-) Volleball-Movies.net is is the right place for you.  Your points from the game will be added to your ranking points on Volleyball-Movies.net!  Games will begin May 16, 2015 and end on July 19, …
Have you seen volleyball transfers 2015/16?News
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I noticed that some of you have problems with noticing the new transfers list for season 2015/16. In Volleyball-Movies 3.1 there is list dynamically created by users. Above a list there is "Add transfer" button and by clickin…
Gavin Schmitt serve in slow motion (Canada - Cuba)World League 2015
added 6 hours ago by hamza-volley in Actions 1 465
Gavin Schmitt won that match for Canada national team! Canada beat Cuba in three sets for the second night in a row to remain perfect in Group C. In Calgary, Gavin Schmitt was again the star leading all scorers for the second…
Volleyball Hits (9th movie)
added 13 hours ago by Oleg_Silenok in Actions 1 1014
The best spikes from the greatest volleyball tournaments: The Olympics 2012 and World League 2014. Strong spikes made by superstars of volley such as Taylor Sander, Marcus Böhme and Murilo Endres.
Finland - Belgium (Highlights)World League 2015
added 1 day ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Highlights 3 1115
Belgium needed five sets in both their encounters with Finland but came away with two wins on their opening weekend in the World League 2015. Five of all six World League matches between Finland and Belgium have been decided …
Denis Biryukov (2nd movie)
added 3 days ago by LuizGustavo in Players 2 1116
Denis Sergeevich Biryukov (born December 8, 1988 in Belgorod) is an Russian volleyball player who is a member Russia men's national volleyball team and Russian club Dynamo Moscow. Biryukov with national team won the World lea…
Matey Kaziyski says "yes" to Konstantinov!News
added 3 days ago by soidensir3 in Male players and teams 0 680
Great news for Bulgarian fans – Matey Kaziyski says yes to the head coach Plamen Konstantinov. The experienced player wants to play at European Championship and he will talk with the coach immediately after the FIVB World …
Wojciech Włodarczyk (2nd movie)
added 3 days ago by LuizGustavo in Players 0 1278
Sample of possibilities of dynamic 25-years old Polish player with fast arm. At first he was setter (in Politechnika Warszawska and AZS Olsztyn), but after moving to Bielsko-Biała he started to play as receiver. He was real …
Rafał Buszek
added 3 days ago by LuizGustavo in Players 4 679
Compilation movie with only the latest spikes, serves, blocks and digs of Rafał Buszek. On April 28 achieved his second title of Polish Champion with Resovia Rzeszów. On May 4 he signed contract with another Polish club Kę…
Logan Tom digs show in Top Volley International 2013Women Top Volley International 2013/14
added 3 days ago by VolleyVids in Actions 1 445
Check out some of the many digs of Logan Tom in the Top Volley International 2013. Video shows the natural instincts of the outside hitter on defense. She scored 57 points for her team in the three-day tournament. RC Cannes n…
USA - Mexico (Highlights)Norceca Champions Cup 2015
added 3 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Highlights 5 1266
USA won with a young team from Mexico in three sets (25:15, 25:12, 25:17). USA led in aces 15-3, with middle blocker Max Holt finishing with seven and opposite Murphy Troy adding four points. The Norceca Men's Champions Cup 2…
Funny Referee (Noliko Maaseik - Knack Roeselare)Belgian Volleybal Liga A 2012/13
added 3 days ago by soidensir3 in Actions 2 695
During the play-off game between Knack Roeselare (blue) and Noliko Maaseik (red), the setter hits the referee chair. While the referee's about to fall, he holds on to the post and still whistles for the point, Respect! ;-) Sh…
Natiele Marques Gonçalves
added 4 days ago by david_azeredo in Players 0 218
Natiele Marques Gonçalves is a Brazilian player. She was born in 1991 and is 179cm tall. Here are some highlights of the talented spiker as her team competes in the Brazilian Superliga. She is a player of Rio do Sul/Equibras…
Aleksandar Atanasijević in The Olympics 2012The Olympics 2012
added 4 days ago by Oleg_Silenok in Players 1 800
Best moments of Aleksandar in London 2012. He scored 90 points in that tournament, 79 by attacks, 4 blocks and he had 7 ace serves.
Saied Marouf (2nd movie)
added 4 days ago by hamza-volley in Players 3 1152
Mir Saeid Marouf Lakrani (Persian: میر سعید معروف لكرانی‎, born 20 October 1985 in Urmia) is an Iranian volleyball player who plays as a setter for Zenit Kazan in the Russian Volleyball Super League, in ad…
Canada - Cuba (Norceca Champions Cup 2015)Norceca Champions Cup 2015
added 5 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Highlights 4 1016
Canada once again claimed victory over Cuba, this time at the Norceca Men’s Champions Cup in Detroit, Michigan. The Norceca Men's Champions Cup 2015 is the first step toward 2016 Olympic Games qualification. The Champions C…
TOP10 Best Volleyball Headshots
added 5 days ago by vtnklmdc in Actions 3 1398
This time I make TOP 10 actions with headshot spikes. You can see great spikes by players like: Kaziyski, Wlazły, Sokolov, Grozer and many other. Unhappily at the 1st and 2nd place is Yury Berezkho, sorry :D
Stanislav Dramov volleyball digEuropean Championship U19 2015
added 5 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Actions 0 606
This move is one of the best by Stanislav Dramov defended the color of Bulgaria in April at the U19 European Championship 2015. His team has defeated Czech Republic 3:0 but his move marked the match. He said: "This win is ver…
Piotr Nowakowski in Plusliga 2014/15Plusliga 2014/15
added 6 days ago by soidensir3 in Players 4 942
Piotr Nowakowski, one of the best middle blockers in the world led his team to win in Polish league. Also, he was awarded the best middle-blocker of Plusliga in season 2014/15. World Champion and second middle-blocker of Cham…
Canada - Cuba (Highlights)World League 2015
added 6 days ago by Wilfredo_is_Marshall in Highlights 0 759
Take a look at some of the highlights of Canada's clash with Cuba on the opening weekend of the World League 2015. Both teams showed real fighting spirit in the playground. Canada won both matches in three sets! On the press…
Portugal - Netherlands (Highlights, 2nd match)World League 2015
added 6 days ago by PAraujo010 in Highlights 2 806
We see great actions from both setters, and great pipes by Alex Ferreira. Portugal had the chance to end the game at the fourth set, but Netherlands controlled the set and won the last set 15:12. The top scorer in the match …
Portugal - Netherlands (Highlights, 1st match)World League 2015
added 6 days ago by PAraujo010 in Highlights 2 686
The first match between Portugal and Netherlands. Portugal won the first set, but, Netherlands has more options on the bench and have stronger players like Bontje, Kooy and Nimir Abdel-Aziz. Nimir had a great game with some n…
Russian All-Star Game 2014/15 (Highlights, 2nd movie)Russian All-Stars Game 2014/15
added 6 days ago by soidensir3 in Highlights 1 1210
Movie showing great atmosphere from Belgorod. Players in Russia had a lot of fun. All-Star game was marked by Georg Grozer (he scored 15 points) and Ivan Zaytsev (he scored 13 points). Two of them were the most efficient in t…
Jochen Schöps in Plusliga 2014/15Plusliga 2014/15
added 6 days ago by soidensir3 in Players 8 856
Jochen showed his proper value in Plusliga 2014/15. Thanks to him Resovia have reached the final game. His team won against Trefl Gdańsk. He is one of the smartest volleyball players, gifted with great technique an overview…
Ben Glue in match New Zealand - Qatar
added 6 days ago by sticky in Players 1 644
Highlights of New Zealand left handed opposite Ben Glue vs Qatar in the Final of Asian Championships 2013 Qualification Tournament. He is 26 years old wing-spiker from New Zealand.
Nikolay Pavlov vs Mariusz Wlazły (Poland - Russia)World Championships 2014
added 1 week ago by Oleg_Silenok in Actions 4 1133
Spikes, serves, blocks by a spikers of Russia and Poland. That match decided which team will advanced to the semi-final in Spodek. Russia lost their main spiker Maxim Mikhaylov before World Champs, Pavlov had some health prob…
Russia in The Olympics 2012 (3rd movie)The Olympics 2012
added 1 week ago by Oleg_Silenok in Other 1 718
Russia won Olympic title after 32 years. Guys of Vladimir Alekno played great volleyball. Let's celebrate one more time with Vladimir Alekno and his players. Some fans consider final match as the best in the history of volley…
Matey Kaziyski serve in slow motionEuropean Championships 2011
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See the technique of Matey Kaziyski in slow motion. Great move of body and arm recorded by Canon Ixus 1000 HS. He was considered by CEV as the best European player of 2006 and 2007.
Leandro Vissotto amazing dig (Brazil - Italy)World League 2014
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Excellent coordination by Leandro Vissotto. He (9 digs) was one of the best diggers in that game, what you could see on the movie. Short movie movie from the inaugural match of Group A in World League 2014. Italy won with Bra…
Maxim Mikhaylov in Champions League 2014/15Champions League 2014/15
added 1 week ago by LuizGustavo in Players 2 972
Maxim Mikhaylov (born 19 March 1988 in Kuzmolovsky, Leningrad Oblast) is a Russian volleyball player, a member of Russia men's national volleyball team and Russian club VC Zenit-Kazan.In 2008 Russia, including Mikhaylov, won …

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